Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scotland's 'rent boy’ justice system under investigation as revelations speak of ‘impropriety’ among leading figures in legal establishment

Lord Dervaird Quits - Daily Record Dec 23 1989Magic Circle affair brought down Lord Dervaird. While reports leaking out from a divorce case this evening suggest that at least one senior member of Scotland's legal establishment, and several leading lawyers are currently 'under investigation' for ‘impropriety’ with teenage male prostitutes in Edinburgh and across Scotland, we take a look back at the 'Magic Circle scandal, which was unsurprisingly put to bed in the early 1990's in the traditional Scottish way as “nothing happened here, move along please” (oops, looks like they were errm .. wrong ?- Ed)

Ah those were the days (now upon us again ! – Ed)

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Magic Circle Affair

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no one belived that ridiculous report by Nimmo Smith