Monday, November 02, 2009

Broke Law firms dump staff to bankroll £135k expenses madness at Scottish Legal Complaints Commission

While hundreds of lawyers, trainees, paralegals and office staff face redundancy across Scotland’s dwindling legal landscape, it turns out the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission has no such problem.

Yes, folks, the SLCC is literally rolling in millions of pounds received from the solicitors complaints levy (around £5 million pounds since January 2008), added to the £2 million pounds of public money all used to fund an organisation which many MSPs dub “anti-client, anti-consumer”, and many solicitors & advocates dub “a bloody expensive waste of time & effort.”

Feel like submitting a claim to the SLCC for expenses ? (go ahead, make my day ! – Ed)

SLCC members expenses

A recent article by Law blogger Peter Cherbi’s “Diary of Injustice in Scotland” reported on the expenses jollies at the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, revealing that huge claims had been made by SLCC board members, but the actual claims themselves were not disclosed, as SLCC Chief Jane Irvine claimed, out of fear that board members would develop mental health problems if everyone got to know exactly what they were claiming for (oh, the mental health line, so there must be something worth hiding then – Ed)

So, if you are feeling the pinch, or got no money in the bank despite having studied all that time at Uni, slaved your guts out, and now face seeing your law practice go down the tubes, well look no further than the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, funded by yes, you guessed it - YOUR hard errm earned money from handling legal business for thousands of Scots clients.

The Office of the Scottish Information Commissioner, Kevin Dunion confirmed today they are investigating the case of the missing expenses claims in the hopes that mass insanity at the SLCC over publication of their expenses claims can be avoided.

We await to see just who has been claiming what with our hard earned money ...


Anonymous said...

Or in other words Malcontents make money off broke lawyers ?

How do we stop it ?

Anonymous said...

Snouts and troughs come to mind again. Disgusting use of our hard earned cash squandered away on a bunch of ineffectual spongers.