Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SNP plan ‘will ban most firearms’ as MacAskill demands Home Secretary transfers powers on gun ownership to Scottish Parliament

JUSTICE SECRETARY Kenny MacAskill has demanded legislation over firearms, which is currently reserved to the Westminster Parliament, be devolved to Holyrood. The move comes after repeated calls by the SNP made on an almost annual basis to allow the Scottish Parliament to legislate over gun ownership in Scotland.

Leaks from Scottish Government insiders including references to frank discussions between civil servants & Ministers suggest  the SNP administration are seeking to introduce much tougher restrictions on how many firearms a single person can own, along with complete bans on certain types of guns and weapons such as air guns, along with a possible ban on the ownership of high powered hunting rifles (Bambi breathes a sigh of relief – Ed).

Amid plans for a single all Scotland Police Force, a new Firearms Register is also being discussed along with the possible creation of a new body to oversee it’s enforcement along with tough sentences for violations.

The new legislation should make it impossible for a gerbil to be shot in a supermarket car park with a handgun, and also equally impossible for Police Officers to sell supposedly destroyed firearms onto gun dealers or retain them for their private unlicensed collections.

Scottish Government Press release issued today states :

Justice Secretary requests firearms power transfer


Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill has today written to the Home Secretary Theresa May calling for firearms legislation to be fully devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

The letter follows the publication of statistics today which show a continuing rise in the number of legally owned firearms in Scotland.

The Scottish Government has repeatedly called for firearms legislation to be transferred to the Scottish Parliament where existing UK regulations could be tightened further.

Mr MacAskill said: "With recorded offences involving firearms in Scotland already at a 32-year low, today’s figures emphasise the importance of a robust licensing scheme. Each one of the firearms included in these statistics belongs to someone who has a legitimate reason for owning it.

"Thanks to the hard work of Scotland's police forces and responsible dealers, firearms owners are increasingly aware of their responsibilities. This is one of the ways in which we can help to prevent firearms from being used in criminal ways.

"There is more to be done, but firearms legislation currently remains reserved to Westminster. As we have repeatedly made clear, we believe that the law is long overdue for reform and we have been calling for the powers to regulate all firearms legislation in the Scottish Parliament. That will allow us to modernise and clarify the law, and so better protect our communities.

"I have today written to the Home Secretary Theresa May raising once again the need to tighten control over firearms."

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Anonymous said...

I do hope Ms May tell MacRaskill to take a running jump - he has shown himself to be the most inept and condescending politicians we have had to suffer for many a year.

Anonymous said...

I think Scotland has made the gravest of errors voting for this parliament and I think its politicians are some of the worst I have ever seen.

We can be sure if MacAskill wants a Deer rifle or shotguns he will get them assumung he shoots of course. I have no faith at all in Scottish Politics or the dishonest MSP's who bend over backwards for vested interests and the mob are blinded to the reality of the situation.

As an ex Shotgun Certificate holder myself I was horrified at the shootings especially in Dumblane. But I was appauled to learn Micheal Ryan at Hungerford used an AK47 which is designed for military use. How he got that on a firearms certificate is beyond me. Gun laws were tightened but guns are not bad, it is filtering out those who are potentially dangerous, to stop them getting weapons that is impossible.

Where people enjoy sports like Clay shooting it is the minority of nutters than ruin it for the rest. Many more people are killed every year with knives than firearms, is MacAskill going to increase sentences for knife carriers? He is not doing this to protect the public. I have been to Dunblane cemetary and how that guy did what he did is beyond me, a pure evil man. And a police officer warned his firearms licence should have been revolked and a senior officer refused to do it, dispite the fact Hamilton had an unhealthy interest in children.

Anonymous said...

When you are creating a dictatorship you must disarm the public.

Anonymous said...

The SNP should have no involvement whatsoever in the firearms legislation as their desire for control relates not to the red herring of public safety but purely relates to that organisations known prejudice against shooting sports. A peculiar stance for a so called Scottish party as shooting sports in Scotland is a healthy and lucrative industry. Hate to use the the pun but like minimum pricing for drinks the SNP once again shoots itself in the foot.

Anonymous said...

Well the SNP can fuck right off with that one.

Anonymous said...

Well Mackaskill you would appear to want to make a name for yourself, don’t think you’d like the name you’re being called right now. I only hope that Home Secretary Theresa May is more informed and sees through your lets ban everything and take away the Scottish peoples freedom mentality.
As it stands, we have to show good reason for acquiring firearms/shotguns. If we use a variety of these for different types of shoots and competitions then this move restricts us in our sport. So we will have the situation that we, the people who are into shooting and live in Scotland, have less freedom than the people who live in England.
This, for me, is a move too far and I will not be voting for the SNP and they can stuff their calls for independence.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn’t Mackcatskull ban golf? A group of people wandering around wearing offensive jumpers, not only playing with their balls in public and then sending them like missiles in areas that would be better used for building houses on. Oh wait, I know, who ate all the pies Salmond is one of these pricks. As for Mackcatskull, what ever you’re into ban it or just take away your freedom and see how it feels.
Another no vote for the SNP.

Anonymous said...

Once again it will be the legal and responsible owners of firearms/air guns that will suffer whilst the crooks and Neds will be totally unaffected by all these measures coming from Macaskill. Maybe if the penalties for the illegal ownership/misuse of air guns and the carrying of knives were to be made more severe, the public would be better protected.

Anonymous said...

says the man who let a convicted International Terrorist go free and in doing so ridiculed Scotland in the eyes of the world in one fell swoop. Can't wait for the day MacArsekill is no longer a politician...Another new ex SNP voter and VOTE NO to Independence.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say as someone who shoots lawfully, I find the phrase 'burgeoning gun culture' offensive, inflammatory, misleading and designed to cause fear in the general public. Which is a crime. If lawful gun ownership has increased, that is a good thing, it helps the economy, creates jobs and creates healthy citizens in body and mind, at a time when Scotland is suffering from an epidemic of morbid obesity you'd think the powers that be would have the good sense to encourage this type of activity. Andrew Breckill

Anonymous said...
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Armed Defense said...
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