Friday, February 10, 2012

NOT PROVEN : The day the Crown Office couldn't convict Lothian & Borders Police of Gun Running over 'destroyed firearms' found at Edinburgh Gun shop

Some things are not best forgotten : Edinburgh cops saved by a “Not Proven” verdict over gun running charges. AMID fresh claims that weapons handed into Scottish Police Forces which are supposed to have been destroyed, ranging from expensive antique firearms to Nazi daggers have recently been turning up in former officer’s private and apparently secret collections, or being put up for sale in auctions, both private and online, it may well be time to reflect on another incident of a strikingly similar nature which took place in Scotland in the mid 1980’s, where a siege at Field & Stream, an Edinburgh Gun shop at the time revealed THOUSANDS of GUNS which had also supposedly been destroyed by Lothian & Borders Police. However, even though incredibly, some Police were actually charged over the discoveries of the allegedly destroyed weapons which were up for sale in the Gun shop, no officers were ever found guilty.

The Crown Office’ part in the failed prosecution of the alleged gun runners of Lothian & Borders Police and the many other officers who either must have known or played a part but were never arrested or even interviewed, was never really explained, apart from the usual rumours of incompetence, and fit ups now well engrained into public life.

Read more on the Lothian & Borders Fettes Gun Running scandal HERE

Incidentally, even though no Police Officers were jailed in the 1980’s scandal, the Gun shop owner who had been holding himself hostage (Yes, you did read that correctly – Ed) received a 33 month sentence. (Do these new claims relate to the rumours about the retired senior cop who sold a few SS Daggers & chains including one to a judge ? Wonder if he also likes motorsports ? – Ed)

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Not Proven due to the fact COPFS Senior Counsel purchased a few of the allegedly destroyed firearms from F&S