Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Crown Office ‘BLOCKED’ Strathclyde Police demands for search warrants to investigate Glasgow Council leader Steven Purcell & City Building quango

crown officeClaims made Crown Office refused Police the power to raid Glasgow City Council buildings & ex Council leader Purcell. Credible claims backed up by leaked documents have been made to investigative journalists showing the most senior officials & prosecutors at the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) under former Lord Advocate now Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QC, (born McPhilomy) BLOCKED a series of applications for search warrants made by Strathclyde Police to raid premises connected with shamed ex Glasgow City Council boss Steven Purcell & the Council’s arms length organisation City Building, an organisation which was set up under Mr Purcell prior to his shamed exit as leader of Glasgow City Council after revelations in the media of cocaine addiction and other irregularities at the City Council which caused the former Council leader to flee the country in 2010.

A “key player” in moves at the time to investigate Steven Purcell and the many arms length organisations (ALEOs) of Glasgow City Council which faced serious allegations of corruption & political favouritism involving Scottish Labour figures has now disclosed at least FOUR applications for search warrants made by Strathclyde Police to raid private premises and even City Council buildings were REFUSED by the Crown Office under the then Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini. Dame Angiolini as she is now known, was appointed to the position of Lord Advocate in 2006 by the then First Minister, Jack McConnell, now Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale.

On top of the suspicious string of search warrant refusals, a series of written exchanges & accounts of meetings between Police & prosecutors which cannot be published for legal reasons show Police Officers growing frustration over a lack of cooperation from the Crown Office, with one officer claiming “… it appeared the Crown Office did not want the Police to investigate Mr Purcell or any kind of wrongdoing at Glasgow City Council.”

One now retired insider told an investigating journalist earlier this week : “I often wondered if the Crown Office itself had been infiltrated by organised crime to the same extent some of the organisations we were investigating at the time appeared to be”.

Further, more serious allegations have also been made against some of Glasgow’s ‘long time’ party political figures, where it is alleged several councillors & members of one particular political party (guess which one ? – Ed) have “financial & social links to organised crime families” which have been well known to Police for years, yet all attempts by Strathclyde Police to pursue these allegations have allegedly failed due to what one insider referred to as “political based interference from the Crown Office”.

The unnamed “key player” has also disclosed a series of what can only be described as “threatening letters” sent from an UNNAMED Glasgow based private law firm which has also been linked back to its representing of senior figures at the Crown Office and in Scotland’s judiciary. It has been alleged the contents of the letters and notes of telephone conversations which are now known to journalists, formed part of a plan to thwart any substantive investigation into Mr Purcell and Glasgow City Council.

Concern was expressed in some of the meetings that it appeared the law firm involved “.. had been well briefed from the inside on the ongoing Police investigations of Purcell & City Building to the point the lawyer appeared to know every move Strathclyde Police officers made on the case.” Commenting on the changing patterns of suspects who appeared to “be aware of“ the Police investigation, one insider alleged “the inside knowledge some appeared to have of the investigation was probably used to warn suspects they were under observation.”

It is now of course widely known, the same law firm, LEVY MCRAE, who represented the shamed Glasgow City Council leader Steven Purcell, ALSO represented the then serving Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini in connection with allegations made in the Hollie Greig abuse case, which recently saw Robert Green, the Greig family’s legal adviser & campaigner jailed for ONE YEAR after he was arrested in February 2010 for handing out leaflets calling for an inquiry into allegations of abuse against downs syndrome victim Hollie Greig.

No explanations have ever been offered as to why Scotland's top law officer used the same law firm who attempted to block media coverage of the Purcell Cocaine scandal and who operate for clients based in the notorious offshore tax haven of the Cayman Islands.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskillJustice Secretary Kenny MacAskill worked at, has ties to same law firm used by then Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini in interdict case. As details of the Hollie Greig case began to be reported in the wider press, it emerged the Scottish Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill has personal links to LEVY MCRAE, the law firm employed by the then Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini in legal action over the abuse case allegations. Mr MacAskill has made no comment on the fact he served his apprenticeship at Levy McRae and also worked at the firm for a considerable time during his years as a solicitor before he entered politics. The revelations of MacAskill’s links to Levy McRae, the same law firm who represented Steven Purcell, were reported by Scottish Law Reporter at the time, HERE

NMG0505123Former Lord Advocate now Dame Elish Angiolini employed Cayman Islands hopping lawyers from Glasgow. Previously reported, the then Lord Advocate, now Dame Elish Angiolini had employed private law firm Levy McRae to serve interdicts on Mr Green in connection with his campaign to ‘out’ alleged abusers of downs syndrome victim Hollie Greig. Glasgow law firm Levy McRae who later represented shamed former Glasgow City Council Boss & Cocaine addict Steven Purcell, proceeded to threaten several media outlets & journalists over their reporting of the case, covered by Scottish Law Reporter HERE & HERE. The Purcell scandal caused some newspapers to ‘evaluate’ their relationship with Levy McRae, details of which were featured in a report here : HERE

Scottish Law Reporter recently published an investigation into the knighthood of Angiolini, apparently recommended by the Scottish Government. Dame Elish Angiolini was also appointed Ministerial complaints adviser to Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond. More recently, Dame Elish Angiolini was also appointed to the post of Principal of St Hugh’s College, Oxford.


Anonymous said...

Bugger me with cocaine!

This is just in time for the local council elections in May!

Glasgow needs a fresh start!

Anonymous said...

And what of Strathclyde Police not making this public?

Surely Mr House as the prospective Chief Constable of a unified Scottish Police Force must speak up and confirm why his force were denied these search warrants.

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@4:39 PM

Calm down rabid nat there's a good doggy.

If you read it properly you will see your beloved leader was only too happy to recommend the same Lord Advocate for a gong and make her his complaints buffer.

So much for different politics under the Scottish Nasty Party

Anonymous said...

Don't know if House is in with much of a chance cause rumour has it Macf*ckfast wants a Heinrich Himmler type figure who will lick his boots when required.

Hows his LG bit doing by the way?You should look into him giving that one!

Anonymous said...

Why are the Public in Scotland so
stupid, many of us know that the
Crown Office, Procurator Fiscals
Offices and the Police are just a
cesspool of sewage, they are involved in crime, drug dealing, money laundering and the proceeds of crime, now you can see by the Leveson Enquiry that the Senior Police Officers and the Mat were just a bunch of Criminal Vermin Scum. The Governments in Scotland, England and Wales are corrupt, they know the Police are corrupt, and the CPS in England, the Crown Office and Procurator Service in Scotland are totally corrupt, and now we see why the Gutter Press will not investigate our evidence of Corruption by the above, as they are paying the Police, and the Police are most likely paying the Press not to report and print evidence of Corruption, they are all in this together, PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE, and helping the Criminals and White Collar Crime in the UK to flourish.

Anonymous said...

LEVENSON INQUIRY. POLICE CORRUPTION IN SCOTLAND IS WORSE THAN THE MET, BUT THEY ARE PROTECTED AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL IN GOVERNMENT. Our Dirty Filthy Corrupt Police in the UK. They protect the White Collar crime in the UK at any price, as they are getting paid to do so, our Police are the real criminals in the UK, Our Police are just like a CESSPOOL OF SEWAGE, and I hope it engulfs them all, But it is guaranteed again that they will be protected by the Corrupt in the Governments in London and Scotland. The inquiry also heard that Mr Yates denied fellow police officers access to his phone records in a separate leak investigation because he was “very well connected Yes Sir Paul Stephenson and former assistant commissioner John Yates WERE VERY WELL CONNECTED WITH THE CRIMINAL MURDOCH AND THE OTHER TOP CRIMINALS IN THE COUNTRY. They protected the criminals for the backhanders they received. When is the Metropolitan Police going to investigate the Bank Accounts of Paul Stevenson and Yates, including their overseas accounts, and make them account for all the money, if they cannot then they are involved in money laundering and the proceeds of crime. This Officer says that Yates DENIED FELLOW OFFICERS ACCESS TO HIS PHONE RECORDS. Then he should have gone and got a WARRANT TO ACCESS THEM, BUT THEN THE CPS WOULD HAVE BLOCKED THAT, AND IF THEY DID NOT THEN DOWNING STREET WOULD HAVE BLOCKED IT, AS IT IS IN DOWNING STREET AND BUTE HOUSE YOU WILL FIND THE BIGGEST CRIMINAL PROTECTORS IN THE COUNTRY. AS THEY BOTH PROTECT THE CORRUPT POLICE THAT PROTECT THEM AND KEEP THEM IN GOVERNMENT. OUR CORRUPT POLICE MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COST. AND ALLOWED TO PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE FOR THEIR OWN ENDS. So if the British Corrupt Police stop you in your car, come to your home or business, ask for access to your phone, home or computer, THEN TELL THEM TO F_UCK OFF. And off thy will go, and you will never hear from them again. Now you can carry on with your criminal activities, remember do as the top criminals do in the Country do, Defeat the ends of justice, and you are guaranteed to get away with your crimes and criminality. Why should anyone in this Country not break the Law for their own benefit, as the alleged top Law Enforcers are nothing but down right CRIMINALS. But they get away with it because they ARE VERY WELL CONNECTED WITH THE COUNTRYS TO CRIMINALS. DOWNING STREET AND BUTE HOUSE, JUST LIKE MURDOCH IS, HE IS UNTOUCHABLE IN CORRUPT UK PLC.

Anonymous said...

If there are any cocaine users at St Hughs they will be delighted at this news!

Anonymous said...

As usual Mr McAskill is to be found up to his neck in it - some justice system you have in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for the Scottish Law Reporter blog and the increasing number of others which all shine a light on shady dealings that the mainstream press are too afraid - or tacitly agree - not to report.