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Scottish Football Assoc. appoint Lord Nimmo Smith who cleared Judges ‘Magic Circle’ Gay Sex for Justice Club to investigate problems at Rangers FC

Lord William Nimmo Smith, who was conned in Gay sex for judges investigation now to look at Rangers FC fiasco. A SCOTTISH JUDGE, Lord William Nimmo Smith who was branded “Nimmo the Dimmo” by the Sun Newspaper during its investigation into the Magic Circle gay threat to justice affair, where Lord Nimmo Smith, then a QC was tasked along with Procurator Fiscal James Friel with investigating allegations of several Scottish judges indulging in gay sex with young men for favours and rulings in Scottish courts, has been appointed by the Scottish Football Association (SFA) to chair an independent inquiry into the now widely reported problems at Rangers Football Club.

A Press Release issued by the Scottish FA states : The Scottish FA can confirm that it has appointed as Chair The Right Honourable Lord William Nimmo Smith to inquire independently into Rangers FC. Stewart Regan, the Scottish FA chief executive, met with Lord Nimmo Smith today to define the terms of reference for the investigation. Lord Nimmo Smith is a former Senator of the College of Justice, who has served as an Insolvency Judge. In 2002, he was one of five judges who heard the appeal of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the man convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, at the Scottish Court in the Netherlands.

The SFA’s Press Release goes onto give details of the independent panel convened under Nimmo Smith, which will include Professor Niall Lothian OBE, a Past President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland who was recently honoured in the New Year Honours List for services to Corporate and Civic Governance in Scotland. It also includes Bob Downes, former Director with the BT Group and currently Deputy Chairman of the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, and Stewart Regan, a member of the panel in his capacity as director of the Scottish FA.

The SFA have said the Independent Inquiry shall be afforded the same powers as the Scottish FA to investigate the potential breach of a number of its Articles of Association and shall present its findings to the Board within two weeks. Stewart Regan, Scottish FA chief executive: “I am delighted Lord Nimmo Smith has agreed to Chair the Independent Inquiry. I am certain the experience contained within the panel will enable us to achieve more clarity on the situation regarding Rangers FC. There will be no further comment on the investigation until it is complete and its findings presented to the Board.”

However, worried fans & onlookers may well have cause to question the SFA’s decision to appoint Nimmo Smith, after reading how the QC was easily fooled by those involved in the Magic Circle gay threat to justice affair which turned up a blank after the QC finished his investigation, concluding “nothing happened”.

The Report on an Inquiry into an Allegation of a Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice in Scotland which can be viewed online here : REPORT ON MAGIC CIRCLE GAY JUSTICE SCANDAL (pdf) was widely rubbished as little more than an attempt to cover up well known habits of certain judges & prosecutors in Scotland who sought & gained sexual contact with males under the ages of 18 and less than 16. With the arrest of Blair Wilson, the judiciary & Crown Office staff who appear to have continued the habits of the Magic Circle are now worried for their own positions.

Nimmo the Dimmo - Scottish Sun December  19 1992NIMMO THE DIMMO

MPs blast taped QC

By David Dinsmore The Scottish Sun, Saturday 20 December 1992

SCOTLAND'S “Gay Judges” probe should be scrapped and started again, an MP claimed yesterday.

Former Solicitor General Sir Nicky Fairburn hit out after QC William Nimmo-Smith was conned into spilling the beans on his inquiry — as exclusively revealed yesterday by The Scottish Sun.

Last night, Perth and Kinross Tory MP Sir Nicky Fairbairn said: "This absolutely impurifies the whole process. I don't see that the Lord Advocate can do anything but re-appoint a new commission to do the whole thing again."

Yesterday we told how gay businessman Derek Donaldson, the man suspected of the Fettesgate break-in at Edinburgh police HQ, posed as a journalist from a posh paper to get into Nimmo-Smith’s home with a tape recorder.

He grilled the top lawyer for an hour over his probe into an alleged gay conspiracy in Scottish legal circles. Last night. Sir Nicky said: "We have to clear up this whole unfortunate business."The Lord Advocate should start again with very senior people."

He was backed by MPs of all parties who could not believe a top lawyer like Nimmo-Smith could give away so much about his highly-confidential inquiry.

Labour's Tam Dalyell said: "I will be bringing up this matter in the House of Commons when the opportunity arises."

Scottish Lib-Dem leader Jim Wallace added: "I am surprised that anyone acting in a quasi-judicial role should speak to a journalist in this manner.

SNP leader Alex Salmond claimed Scotland's legal establishment had sunk lower in the public's estimation because of the affair.

And Tory MP Phil Gallie said: "It does not impress me that a senior QC has made such a fundamental mistake."

Nimmo-Smith, 50, looked tired and drawn as he left his Edinburgh home guard yesterday morning — accompanied by two detectives and two uniformed police officers. He refused to comment on our story.

The Lord Advocate Lord Rodger and Scots Secretary Ian Lang also refused to discuss our revelations.

But a Lothian police spokesman said: "We are aware the report to the Lord Advocate is still to be published and we can make no comment until that time."

A leading Scots QC said: "It doesn't look as though the Lord Advocate has much choice but to start again. "How can he allow him to stay in charge of such an important inquiry."

As the Herald newspaper reported : “.. during the investigation, Nimmo Smith was visited by Derek William Donaldson, the homosexual 32-year-old crook and self-acclaimed ''Fettesgate raider'' who was imprisoned for 18 months at Edinburgh Sheriff Court for assault and robbery. Donaldson approached Nimmo Smith posing as a journalist.

Donaldson secretly recorded the meeting, and then offered his tapes for sale to newspapers. The Scottish Sun were the only takers. From their Glasgow offices, they agreed a £10,000 deal with Donaldson. The terms Donaldson demanded included undertakings by the Sun not to tell their readers about his lengthy and unattractive criminal record, nor to show his photograph.

The Sun also agreed to pass money to Donaldson by an unusual and complex route. On Friday December 18, the day the report was published -- under the banner headline ''FETTES THIEF CONS GAY JUDGES PROBE QC'' -- News International Ltd. deposited £6500 in the clients' account of Edinburgh solicitors Cochrane and Blair Paterson, of Abercromby Place, to be passed on to Donaldson.

The next day, the Sun published a second report on Donaldson's hoax, entitled ''NIMMO THE DIMMO.'' That evening, an intensely distressed Mr Nimmo-Smith sought psychiatric treatment at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.”

Speaking in the Sun article titled “NIMMO THE DIMMO”, Scotland’s First Minister ALEX SALMOND, who was the leader of the SNP at the time at Westminster claimed “Scotland’s legal establishment had sunk lower in the public’s estimation because of the affair”.

Lord Dervaird quits, even though Nimmo Smith’s report cleared everyone under the sun of rent boy justice fiddles. One of the big hitters to fall as a result of the gay sex for justice scandal was Lord Dervaird, a High Court judge who was forced to resign over the affair. The Dervaird affair received a special two page chapter in Nimmo Smith’s report, and Lord Dervaird who resigned in December 1989 after informing Lord Hope that he had been 'indiscreet' during his period on the bench in 'carrying on a homosexual relationship', even though Nimmo Smith’s report found absolutely no evidence of any gay sex for justice, (absolutely, of course not – Ed). However, Lord Dervaird has since returned to view in the SNP sponsored Scottish Arbitration Centre business venture using TENS OF THOUSANDS OF POUNDS of public money to attract arbitration cases to Scotland’s less than honest legal circuit.

However, unfortunately for Lord Nimmo Smith and the remaining non believers of the Magic Circle affair, one of the key participants in the scandal, a lawyer named David Blair Wilson has resurfaced after being arrested by Police for smuggling drugs into jail. Blair Wilson was a key figure in the Magic Circle affair and was investigated by Nimmo Smith in his report, which claimed no sex for justice scandal had occurred. It is rumoured the Crown Office are eager for Blair Wilson not to face a court, in case he carries out his threat to spill the beans on a new gay sex scandal said to be similar in magnitude to the Magic Circle affair, and rumoured to involve some of Scotland’s top judges in the Court of Session as well as Sheriffs, lawyers, some prominent QCs who are never off the television screens, and members of staff at the Scottish Court Service & Crown Office.


Anonymous said...

The next day, the Sun published a second report on Donaldson's hoax, entitled ''NIMMO THE DIMMO.'' That evening, an intensely distressed Mr Nimmo-Smith sought psychiatric treatement at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.”

So its back to the Royal Edinburgh Hospital for some more loonybin treatment after having to deal with Craig Whyte's mess at Gers?lol

Anonymous said...

More to the point why are there judges who are having psychiatric treatment sitting on the bench?!

Anonymous said...

More to the point why are there judges who are having psychiatric treatment sitting on the bench?!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a perfect match made in a judge's toilet..

how will the Rangers fans take this?

Anonymous said...

Hasn't changed much from the Sun front page has he.Can we expect a repetition of the Magic Circle report?

Anonymous said...

some prominent QCs who are never off the television screens

Spot the well known judge's BOTTOM!

Anonymous said...

Yes but teh SFA said they are delighted to welcome the exhonerator of the Gay Sex for Justice Club into their Rangers inquiry.

I guess we know where this one is going!

Anonymous said...

This is not very inspiring for an "independent" investigation.

For one thing the Institute of Chartered Accountants for Scotland is just a front for bent accountants.Not much to generate confidence there.

Also why did the SFA even bother to mention Nimmo Smith heard the now defunct Megrahi appeal against what most sane people regard as one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in Scotland.The SFA are that short of things to say about him they couldn't even mention his Nimmo the Dimmo investigation into the gay judges affair?

Well if I were a Gers supporter I would be fuming about this.

What say you folks?

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Is it my imagination or is Scotland full of pedos and secret gay judges screwing with young boys?

I think y ou guys have a heck of a problemo!

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As we all know Scottish judges go through more young boys than any [better not say this part]

Anonymous said...

Nimmo Smith must have some redeeming features for the Regan/Liewell cartel to appoint him other than being mad. Maybe they meet together at 'social functions' or the like.