Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Police Chief continues to refuse inquiry to Wick Harbour death

A family's plight to find out what happened to their son who died at Wick Harbour over ten years ago, is still being hampered by Northern Constabulary's Chief Constable Ian Latimer, who is refusing to ask another Police Force to come in and investigate why Northern Constabulary failed in the investigation into the death of Kevin McLeod.

Surely the family deserve a proper inquiry and investigation into the death of their son - what man would stand against such a thing, and why has it so far been more of a priority to protect the interests of those who failed in the investigation rather than establish the truth of the incident ?

More to come on this story later in the week ...

The Sunday Mail reports :

Police Chief Blocks Probe Into Bungled Investigation

Feb 24 2008 By Marion Scott

A POLICE chief forced to apologise over a bungled death probe is refusing to ask another force to reopen the case.

The police complaints watchdog ordered Northern Constabulary Chief Constable Ian Latimer to say sorry in person to the parents of Kevin McLeod, 24, who drowned in Wick harbour 11 years ago.

Kevin suffered massive internal injuries and his family believe he was viciously beaten then dumped in the water.

But Latimer has refused calls to let another force investigate the murder claim.

In a letter to the family last week he wrote: "I see no opportunity or reasoning to support a more wide-ranging review."

But Kevin's uncle Allan McLeod said yesterday: "We are absolutely outraged at the arrogance of this man.

"If he has nothing to hide he'd welcome an outside force investigating the case. We won't rest until we get justice for Kevin."

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