Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Law Society hoax stirs up trouble between London & Westminster on anti terror legislation

Michael Clancy over at the Law Society has nothing better to do these days than cause media fights between Scotland & the res of the UK ... primarily because the Law Society have taken the huff over regulatory and legal services market reforms which are being proposed by the OFT and other organisations from south of the border ...

So, new mission of the Law Society is to take the opportunity to stir up trouble on any issue now just to get its wicked way. Oh how peaceful it would be if we were rid of them ...

The Scotsman reports :

New anti-terror laws 'a threat to independence of Scots legal system'

By Gerri Peev

THE independence of Scotland's legal system is under threat from proposed new anti-terrorism laws, it was claimed yesterday.

A clause in the latest counter-terrorism bill would give authorities the right to prosecute terror suspects in any part of the UK, regardless of where the offence was committed.

It could undermine the principles of the 300-year-old Treaty of Union, which enshrines Scotland's judicial independence, and encroach on the jurisdiction of the office of Lord Advocate, whose role is to decide on prosecutions in Scotland, experts warned.

Clause 27 of the Counter Terrorism Bill allows "proceedings for the offence may be taken at any place in the UK." If passed unamended, this clause, which does not have the legal consent of devolved administrations, will have constitutional ramifications.

Michael Clancy, director of law reform for the Law Society of Scotland, said: "This could undermine the primacy of the office of the Lord Advocate and the position of the High Court."

In the Commons last night, Alistair Carmichael, a LibDem MP, asked Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, for assurances that an agreement would be reached with the Lord Advocate first.

Ms Smith said in the case of linked attacks, such as the Glasgow and London bombings, these should be prosecuted in one place. The suspects in the attack on Glasgow Airport are to be tried in London.

This was authorised by the Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini.

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