Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Scottish Parliament Petition asking for declaration of secret society membership by decision makers - withdrawn by petitioner, then closed by Committee

Withdrawn to be filed again at a later date – petitioner Mr Minogue. A PETITION to the Scottish Parliament calling on decision makers including judges & tribunal members to declare their membership of secret organisations which attained 3,106 public signatures from Scotland and around the globe including key support from Scots & international legal academics was withdrawn on Monday of this week, only to face a vote and be closed at the Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament the next day after a wrangle over submissions and discussion as to how the Public Petitions Committee should proceed.

Petition PE01491 filed by transparency campaigner Thomas Minogue of Dunfermline, Fife “called on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to amend the law or codes of practice to make it compulsory for decision makers such as sheriffs, judges, and juries at their courts, arbiters, and all panel members of tribunals that are convened and held in Scotland and governed by devolved legislation, custom and practice, to declare if they have ever been members of organisations, such as the Masons, that demand fraternal preference to their brethren over non-brethren, or organisations which have constitutions or aims that are biased against any particular sect, religion or race.”

Footage of the debate at the Public Petitions Committee:

PE1491 secret society membership declaration by decision makers, Holyrood 28 Jan 2014

More on how the petition was withdrawn by Mr Minogue, then apparently closed by the Petitions Committee the next day, can be found on Mr Minogue’s website HERE SLR has previously reported on the petition HERE

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