Sunday, September 08, 2013

Police Scotland to investigate itself as Prosecutors reveal allegations PR team’s ex-cops may have asked serving colleagues for leaks on HMRC investigations

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AMID an on-going investigation by Police Scotland into leaks of private emails, documents & sound recordings relating to Rangers football club and the saga which ultimately led to the club’s demise into insolvency, it has now emerged from sources at Scotland’s Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) that retired & currently serving Police officers may be implicated in the burgeoning scandal. According to prosecutors, the revelations if true, may make it difficult for Police Scotland to impartially investigate the affair.

Yesterday (Saturday), sources within the Crown Office identified allegations contained in material now in the possession of prosecutors which refer to possible discussions between former Police Officers employed by a media firm connected to Rangers FC and serving Police officers in what would have been Strathclyde Police under the command of Chief Constable Stephen House.

Quotes from documents in the hands of prosecutors appear to indicate  suggestions of discussions between “internal security people” and “still serving colleagues” with a view to obtaining details of operations & investigations being conducted by HMRC officials regarding the football club’s tax affairs.

Prosecutors now appear to be convinced such conversations and possibly meetings between ex Police Officers & serving Police Officers took place.

In an unannounced move, a senior Crown Office prosecutor has now been appointed to look at whether persons identified in the leaked documents may be charged with criminal offences over revelations that photographs & personal details of HMRC staff and civil servants may have been obtained and published online in an effort to derail investigations on the Rangers tax case in 2011.

Prosecutors are also looking into whether the information identifying HMRC personnel may have been provided by serving Police Officers to former colleagues and those with an interest in defending the football club from the tax investigations.

Meanwhile the Twitter account known as Charlotte Fakeovers (@charlotteFakes) at the heart of the investigation has been deleted and is no longer available. A number of documents published by the twitter account have also been withdrawn from circulation.

No one from the Crown Office or Police Scotland was available to give official comment on the current state of the investigation.


Anonymous said...

NO chance of Police Scotland being able to investigate this one properly

Anonymous said...

No doubt Police Scotland and the Crown Prosecution Service will, in time honoured fashion - sweep this all under the carpet and rely on others having short memories.

Anonymous said...

Spot the deliberate mistake?

The unintended consequence of having a single police authority in Scotland, is how they deal with the inevitable complaints of fairness levelled against the police?

Who do the police turn to.......England's police or Welsh police?

Scotland may well be an independent country by then.....?

French or German police?

Or maybe they have considered this likelihood after all and decided to just sweep everything under the carpet in one foul swoop in a continuation towards a police State in Scotland?

Anonymous said...

Do keep us up to date with proceedings. What an opportunity for Police Scotland to show they are not just a Strathclyde takeover.

Anonymous said...

looks bad for those involved i saw that email along with plenty others and it clearly states our ex cops will talk to their pals working in the force and get the goods

although no force is named it is probably StrathclydePolice

and what about House?
he was Chief Constable of StrathPol at the date of the email now CC of PS how can it be impartial investigated with same boss