Saturday, April 20, 2013

‘Magic Circle’ of Scottish Judges & rent boys : Scandal Solicitor David Blair Wilson is convicted of attempted smuggling of drugs & mobile phones into Saughton jail

Solicitor David Blair Wilson pictured outside court. DAVID BLAIR WILSON, a crooked solicitor well known for his part in the Magic Circle affair which exposed a sex-for-justice scandal involving liaisons between rent boys and members of Scotland’s judiciary & Crown Office, has been convicted of attempting to smuggle drugs and mobile phones into Saughton Prison during October 2011.

Blair Wilson was found guilty at the High Court in Edinburgh after a six day jury trial which heard the solicitor attempt to blame a younger male friend, identified as Steven Douglas who Blair Wilson told the jury was a drug dealer and who regarded Blair Wilson as a “surrogate dad”.

The trial judge, Lord Burns, granted bail to Blair Wilson until he is sentenced next month.

Sex for justice scandal involved Scottish Judges & male hookers, forced resignation of Lord Dervaird while others escaped. Scottish Law Reporter has featured coverage of the Magic Circle in earlier article HERE and also featured a report on the former Lord Advocate now Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QC (born McPhilomy) key role in what was known at the time as Operation Planet, the drive to catch crooked judges & prosecutors who were swapping boys for favours in Scottish Courts, HERE

Lord Nimmo Smith QC’s REPORT ON MAGIC CIRCLE GAY JUSTICE SCANDAL, widely regarded by many as a whitewash of the corruption in the Scottish judiciary, identifies Dame Elish Angiolini who worked at the Crown Office at the time as a Senior Legal Assistant, under her maiden mane of Elish McPhilomy. It was clear from subsequent discussions, the report played a heavy part in formulating Crown Office policy on the prosecution of judges, lawyers & other members of the legal profession who were engaging in the illegal sex acts with other men & under age boys.

The Daily Mail newspaper has reported on David Blair Wilson’s conviction :

Lawyer tried to take drugs and phones into jail

'Magic Circle' solicitor's career over

By Brian Horne and Jim McBeth

A CROOKED lawyer with a colourful past has been convicted of trying to smuggle drugs and mobile phones into a prison.

David Blair Wilson was found guilty yesterday at the High Court in Edinburgh after a six-day trial.

The court heard the Dunfermline -based lawyer turned up at Saughton Prison, Edin­burgh, in October 2011 to see Lee Brown, 35, who was serving 18 years for attempted murder and other offences.

Prison officer Graham Robertson checked the lawyer's ID and told him to pass his 'bulging' folder through a scanner.

Mr Robertson told the court: 'His body language changed. He became anxious-looking (and), began to fidget.'                  

Blair Wilson, 55, left and went back to his car taut when he returned the file was 'noticeably thinner'. A search of his vehicle by Lothian and Borders Police found the contraband under a seat.

Blair Wilson, who was disciplined by the Law Society ten years ago for being derelict in his duties as a solicitor, claimed it belonged to a drug-dealing friend, Steven Doug­las, and alleged Douglas had used the car the previous evening.

The lawyer said that Douglas, who failed to appear to give evidence, regarded him as a 'surro­gate dad'. He claimed Douglas had lost a valuable packet of heroin belonging to 'heavies' and had been threatened with death.

Blair Wilson said the contraband, worth nearly £3,000 behind bars, had nothing to do with him but admitted it was allegedly to be given to Lee Brown in the hope he would negotiate with the drug dealers on behalf of Douglas.

However, the jury convicted the lawyer by a majority of trying to smuggle three phones and three SIM cards into the jail.

He was also convicted of supply­ing cannabis resin, diazepam and body-building drugs.

The lawyer, whose 30-year career was in tatters last night, is no stranger to controversy.

In the 1980s, he played a key role in the 'Magic Circle' affair - rumours there was a clique of high-ranking homosexuals in the legal profes­sion and that 'gay blackmail' had played a part in high-profile trials. Blair Wilson was the solicitor for fellow lawyer Colin Tucker, cleared of embezzling £50,000 from clients.

Tucker confessed to taking money but said he had been made to do it by a 'boss' who 'had a hold over him because he was gay'.

He is said to have provided his defence team with a list of highly-placed gays in the profession which 'proved' the blackmail claims.

An independent inquiry, headed by Lord Nimmo Smith, concluded 'there was no conspiracy'.

Blair Wilson will be sentenced next month.


Anonymous said...

What a stink!

But the Scottish Judiciary are so thick-skinned they will simply ride this controversy through - and be allowed to do so by the idiots in the Scottish Parliament who have no regard for their own reputation far less that of Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Blair-Wilson didn't have to do much defending to clear Colin Tucker.

Tucker's List ensured that there would be no guilty verdict in an Edinburgh court.

Then Tucker had his trial on theft of Teague's money abandoned at Dunfermline after the Lord Advocate had phoned from London.

Those were the days my friends.

Anonymous said...

Some advert this is for the Scottish Legal System worldwide. Many crooks in high places, well we expect it because we understand what they are, the dregs of society who have reached the top. Perverted Justice is what they stand for.

Anonymous said...

I like this site too for its exposure of those who are not fit to be in their jobs and drive systemic coverups when many more of them should be in the jails they send the Joe Bloggs to. Again we see the secrecy being uses ruthlessly to protect these people. They are sending out some message about their integrity [which does not exist]and how loyalties perverse the foundation of justice. Nothing about this group could shock me now.

Anonymous said...

So, they did not arrest these crooked Scottish lawyers and judges because by sending them to jail this would cause a breakdown of trust by the Scottish Public?

So, the crooked Prosecuters sweeped it under the carpet, preferring to keep the crooked judges and lawyers untouched and out of jail, confirming that Scotland is a corrupt and rotten country, rather than applying the Rule-Of-Law like a normal country?

Now, these crooks have got away with this, they think that they are untouchable and they continue to break the law AS THEY SEE FIT?