Wednesday, November 14, 2012

TOP TEN reasons why the Scottish Legal Aid Budget is so high, and why Scotland’s 5 years old Justice Secretary should go back to being a High Street solicitor

True to the traditions of David Letterman's Late Show, which among other things revealed the UK's Prime Minister is so thick he did not know what the term Magna Carta translates to in English (just proves all that Eton tosh fails when its critical) here is Scottish Law Reporter's TOP TEN reasons why the controversial Scottish Legal Aid Budget is so high, currently standing at £160 MILLION a year.

Mr MacAskill and SNP MSPS are now backing huge cuts to legal aid. reported yesterday HERE and propose to force anyone charged with a criminal offence, guilty or not, to pay the Crown Office for the privilege of it! .. queue threats of some much needed industrial action in Scotland’s legal community ! (Tally-Ho, chaps – Ed)


No. 10 The Scottish Legal Aid Board cant count !

No. 9 Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill can't count ! (This is numbers, not bottles, the audience cried out !)

No.8 Sole practising solicitor Niels Lockhart from Kilmarnock walked away with £700K of legal aid in three years while SLAB sat on it's fat a$$ and looked on, did nothing !

No.7 The Crown Office likes to charge as many people as they can with crimes they did not commit (to keep the prosecution statistics up, and justify their high salaries, bonuses)then drop the case at the final moment before someone catches on !

No.6 The cost of having Police fit up suspects and manufacture evidence to suit the crime has gone up more than the rate of inflation !

No.5 The Law Society of Scotland spends too much time on regulation when it should have been looking after the interests of its members and the justice system !

No.4 Fat cat judges & sheriffs on £200K a year, three houses, a farm and a poodle dressed in leather shorts need to justify their appearance fees in court !

No.3 The current Justice Secretary has been 5 years too long in the job  !

No.2 The Scottish Legal Aid Board big wigs are too busy flying around the world on international airlines to learn how cheaply others do their legal aid budget !

and the No. 1 reason YOUR Scottish Legal Aid Budget is so high, is … : In the eyes of Scottish law, everyone is guilty until proven innocent !


Anonymous said...

and the No. 1 reason YOUR Scottish Legal Aid Budget is so high, is … : In the eyes of Scottish law, everyone is guilty until proven innocent !


In Scotland Paedophiles are considered to be innocent and never proved guilty in Scots law..

Anonymous said...

In the eyes of Scottish law, everyone is guilty until proven innocent !
Yes clients and the public purse are cash trees. Fill in a few forms and the lawyers legal aid subsidy fills their bank accounts .

Anonymous said...

It is well known that Scottish crooked lawyers have been subsidising their lavish lifestyles, new executive cars every year, flash holidays three times a year and putting their kids through posh private school out of the gravy-train (free cash fund) that is called the Scottish Legal Aid Fund?

It has become very similar to the MP's expenses scandal.....remember at the time when they were caught with their fingers in the till they whined......well it is common knowledge that when you enter parliament you are told to claim for everything to bump up your salary....?

Well it is the same as for Scotland's crooked lawyers who have been bleeding the public fund dry like CASH VAMPIRES?

A far better way to cut the £160 + SLAB Funding in half is simple......CUT OUT THE SYSTEMATIC AND ENDEMIC FRAUD BEING COMMITTED!

And as if to rub salt deep into the public's slashed and open wounds, the crooked bunch threat to go on strike and say that they are doing so to stick up for the Scottish public?

Hollywood would not even accept this as a script as it is so HORRIBLY UNBELIEVABLE?

Anonymous said...

The fact is there is more fraud going on inside SLAB than outside it.

Anonymous said...

The problem seems to be the tripartite relationship between the Law Society of Scotland, the Crown Office & the SLAB where crooked Scottish lawyers have historically been allowed to fill their boots and steal from the Legal Aid Fund and where the SLAB facilitate this fraud by turning a blind eye and the Crown Office refuse to prosecute their colleague Scottish crooked lawyers?

The sooner a stop is put to this fraud the quicker the Legal Aid expense of £160 Million can be cut in half?

Anonymous said...

Let the crooked Scottish lawyers strike and make sure that none of them are ever allowed to return to the courts, so that the Public can be served by a new set of Scottish lawyers who have morals and who don't commit legal aid fraud with impunity?

Keeper of the Light said...

Lay advocates (sure to come in time), and an increase in McKenzie Friends will soon dent the wallets of all 'instructing agents'.