Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Abuse Fix-it by MSPs : Allegations of abuse at Queen Victoria School, Dunblane ‘were censored from Holyrood record’, claims transparency campaigner

In light of continuing revelations connected to allegations of historical abuse at children's care homes & schools implicating senior political & public figures including celebrities, a well known Justice & transparency campaigner from Dunfermline, Fife, has recently spoken to Scottish Law Reporter of his efforts to report similar goings-on to Scottish MSPs, in connection with a public petition to the Scottish Parliament which was heard by msps more than a decade ago.

In 2001, campaigner Mr Thomas Minogue launched a public petition at Holyrood requiring that judges and sheriffs declare their links & membership of secret societies such as Masons and the Speculative Society, a little publicised group well connected to Scotland's judges & establishment figures.

At the time of the petition, Mr Minogue was asked by the Justice 2 Committee to provide examples of cases where judges undeclared membership of societies may have interfered with the justice system.

In response to msps requests, evidence given by the petitioner to the Scottish Parliament recounted how one particular case put to the committee was that of the Queen Victoria School of Dunblane where a Housemaster had tried without success to alert the authorities to the presence of suspicious visitors to the school, visitors which included Thomas Hamilton, the man responsible for the Dunblane massacre. Throughout evidence given by the Housemaster to authorities, it was alleged that membership of secret groups including freemasonry, impeded all whistleblowing attempts by insiders at the Queen Victoria.

Mr Minogue’s report of how he was rebuffed by no less than three Secretaries of State for Scotland, The Lord Advocate, The Solicitor General, The Lord Justice Clerk, and the then Secretary General of Nato, who, it is alleged, had Mr Minogiue investigated by the Chief Constable of Central Scotland Police is an interesting one, parituclarly in the light of revelations in the current calls for reinvestigations into how the Police & prosecutors handled previous allegations of a similar nature against ex BBC star Jimmy Savile and more recently, the naming of top Conservative politicians linked to the abuse of children at care homes in other parts of the UK.

It is worth noting that after all of the above was reported in a paper to the Justice 2 Committee by the petitioner, the submission in support of Mr Minogue's Petition PE 306, and the last two meetings of MSPs that took place to discuss this at Holyrood were censored from the record of the Scottish Parliament, a matter now under scrutiny by those who point to continuing cover ups by institutions who fear a widening investigation into historical allegations of abuse involving well known public figures in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Campaigner Mr Minogue has written about the allegations and his experiences with MSPS on his web blog, Sir Fixed it for Jim. Mr Minogue poses some interesting questions on the unreported allegations of an abuse scandal at the Queen Victoria School, allegations which have stark similarities between what we now hear about those who tried to bring Jimmy Savile’s activities to the attention of the authorities and ran up against a brick wall built by Savile’s friends in authority.       



Anonymous said...

There seems to be a pattern to this sort of thing.

The allegation is made then the full force of the establishment comes into play to silence the whistleblower.

The housemaster could have got a job further away from the media after he was fired from QVS, BUT ONLY IF HE HAD KEPT GOING NORTH TO GREENLAND.

Anonymous said...

If it is secret it is sinister.

Anonymous said...

It is astonishing that the Scottish Parliament which claims to represent the People of Scotland finds it so easy to lie and cheat when those that they know have committed crimes are being lined up for the gaol?

Anonymous said...

The Scottish Parliament will not investigate anything to do with Hamilton if it calls in to question why he had a firearms licence.
They banned Handguns to "protect children" the last thing they want is any kind of suggestion that it might have been the establishments fault, when they have squarely laid the blame on "evil baby killing gun nuts". Same way "Andrews Law" doesn't ask why someone who could buy illegal drugs couldn't have got an illegal air rifle if they were licenced...