Friday, August 10, 2012

MacAskill pockets a £208K Chief Constable as SNP Scottish Government’s new Single Scottish Police State gets Royal Assent

Justice Secretary MacAskill missed out on chance of another patronising ramble in cop merger statement. IN KEEPING with the Scottish Government’s fanfare for all things Scottish, and ensuring all public institutions have an SNP stamp upon them, the Police & Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012, creating a single, highly politicised Police Service of Scotland and a single Scottish Fire & Rescue Service has today been given Royal Assent. The Scottish Government announced the new act in the usual style : Royal Assent for Police and Fire Reform with the only missing figure being the former High Street solicitor now in charge of Justice ‘for life’, Scotland’s Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill who is looking for a new Paid Piper Chief Constable who will make TWO HUNDRED & EIGHT THOUSAND POUNDS a year in the “Yes Minister” policing post.

Scottish Government Press Release :

The Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012 creates a single Police Service of Scotland and a single Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to serve local communities and meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century.

It reduces duplication and creates a new streamlined structure across the current eight police forces, the Scottish Police Services Authority, the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency and the eight fire and rescue services. By doing things differently and working more effectively and efficiently, the Act frees up resources for frontline services and is expected to save £1.7 billion over 15 years.

High priority provisions of the Act allowing for the appointments of the Chief Constable, Chief Officer of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Chairs of the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) and SFRS, will come into effect tomorrow.

The recruitment process is well underway for these positions, as well as membership of the SPA and SFRS and the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner.

Community Safety and Legal Affairs Minister Roseanna Cunningham said: "This historic Act creates police and fire and rescue services fit for the future while protecting the excellent record of the past for our communities in Scotland. The new Police Service of Scotland and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service start from a position of strength. Crime is now at a 37-year low, helped by the record 1,000 extra officers this Government has delivered since 2007 and fire deaths are at their lowest level for a decade. Single services offer us a unique opportunity build on these strengths, while protecting the frontline.”

Ms Cunningham continued her ramble : "Reform will safeguard frontline police and fire and rescue in our communities. Local commanders and local senior officers for every council area in Scotland will work closely with local authorities and Community Planning Partnerships, to shape local services and prioritise local needs. Single services will also protect and enhance local policing and fire and rescue services, improving engagement with the public and increasing access to national services and expertise such as the new Specialist Crime Division, firearms teams and flood rescue, whenever and wherever they are needed. We are confident that the services will be ready on day one. Recruitment is well underway for key positions such as the Chief Constable and Chief Officer of the SFRS. We brought forward these appointments to maintain momentum, ensure a smooth transition and provide leadership of the services through the change, so that Scotland continues to have excellent police and fire and rescue services fit to face the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century."

With the merging of all of Scotland’s current eight regional Police forces, massive redundancies are expected while Ministerial interference in the running of the Police Service is expected to increase (So, SNP enemies better watch out then ? – Ed)

Mr MacAskill has previously commented on the new Police Service of Scotland, saying : “This is a historic opportunity for the first Chief Constable to shape and lead the new Police Service of Scotland. They will work closely with the Chair of the new Scottish Police Authority, who will hold the Chief Constable and the new service to account. It’s a unique and exciting time to be part of the police service in Scotland - recorded crime is at a 37 year low and there are record numbers of police officers in communities. Policing in Scotland is already excellent – but the new service gives us a unique opportunity to do more and build on those strengths. The role will be one of the most demanding and high profile policing posts in the UK, leading engagement with the public, private and voluntary sectors across Scotland, the UK and internationally."

Mr MacAskill continued : “The new Chief Constable will be a role model for the values of the police service, providing inspirational leadership, determining the future shape of policing as part of an ambitious programme of public service reform across Scotland. We brought forward this appointment to maintain momentum, ensure a smooth transition and leadership of the service through change so Scotland continues to have an excellent police service fit for the 21st Century.”

In comparison to the Justice Secretary’s claims the new Chief Constable will be a role model for values of the SNP’s new Police Service, MacAskill was recently caught up in media exposure of a jobs for the boys culture within the Police training college at Tulliallan, reported here : HERE

Room with a grace & favour view : John Geates retires with £300K pension then goes back to same job with a £95K salary all on MacAskill’s silent watch. KENNY MACASKILL, Scotland’s Justice Secretary has signed off on the reappointment of John Geates, the Director of the Scottish Police training college at Tulliallan near Perth to the same job albeit in a ‘civilian role’ after Geates retired from his official Police role with a whopping THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUND PENSION PAYOUT. The now retired Police College Director, at only forty nine years of age was allowed to return to his old job just 24 hours later, and will now earn a slightly reduced salary of NINETY FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS A YEAR, while also keeping his luxury grace & favour home on the Police training college campus, reports the Sunday Mail newspaper : Top cop retires and pockets £300k pension lump sum but is back at desk the next day

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what favours Mr Geates has done, or promised to do, in return for his sudden and dramatic re-engagement.

It would be interesting to learn for example if he intends to join others who arrange to have their salary paid via a 'separate' company for tax purposes.