Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fancy yourself as a Chancer ? Law Society of Scotland recruiting for lay member vacancy on Guarantee Fund Sub Committee

IF YOU see yourself as someone with a grudge against consumers, perhaps you are one of those shady characters with a chip on their shoulder against most of the population, or are maybe just someone perhaps with something to hide such as a tax fiddling or benefits cheating secret, the Law Society of Scotland’s Director of Financial Compliance, Ian Messer has something special for you, in the shape of a lay member post on the Guarantee Fund Committee.

The terms are : Lay Member vacancy on the Guarantee Fund Sub Committee

The Society's committees carry out valuable work looking at a range of issues to do with improving the law and legal practice. With a membership of over 10,500 solicitors covering many areas of civil and criminal law across Scotland, our work is diverse, challenging, informative and interesting.

The Scottish Solicitors' Guarantee Fund exists to protect clients who have lost money because of the dishonesty of a solicitor or a member of their staff. The fund is paid for entirely by solicitor firms without the use of taxpayer money from government.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and dedicated non-solicitor to join our Guarantee Fund Sub Committee to support it in carrying out the following duties:

*Setting policy for the operation of the Fund within a statutory framework

*Overseeing all aspects of the management of the Fund

*Making decisions on the acceptance or rejection of claims on the Fund

*Overseeing the Law Society of Scotland's work to monitor solicitor compliance with accounts rules mainly regarding how client money should be controlled

*Taking decisions on required actions where non-compliance is identified

*Managing risk to the solicitor profession, public and the Guarantee Fund itself through pro-active action to resolve financial non-compliance.

The Committee is made up of seven solicitors and seven non-solicitors.

The successful candidate will be analytical where required, will be able to reach a reasoned view and present this view to others, must have experience in dealing with matters of professional discipline and should display a willingness to learn. Applicants should have experience in one or more of the following areas: committee work, accounting, banking, regulation, law enforcement, claims management, anti-money laundering, insurance and conveyancing.

You will be required to attend a two-hourly meeting on the first Thursday of every month and to attend an interview panel for solicitors approximately four mornings per year in Edinburgh, regarding accounts rules compliance. Shorter emergency meetings may also be required. You will also need to dedicate time to reading papers and information in preparation for the meetings and responding to emails regarding committee work. This is a voluntary three-year position with travel expenses reimbursed.

To apply download an application form and return the completed form to Ian Messer, Director of Financial Compliance by 5pm on Friday 20 July 2012. For more information on this role, please call Ian on 0131 476 8358.


Anonymous said...

Only the worst type will work with these bastards.

Anonymous said...

The Committee is made up of seven solicitors and seven non-solicitors.

Well Law Society, that is like saying the committee is made up of seven members of the SS and seven members of the German Wermacht.

Non solicitors is B******t they will always sing the Law Society song so that the only Guarantee is the fund never pays out.

Anonymous said...

Law Society of Scotland, a union of reprobates who are rapidly acquiring the reputation as the most corrupt people in Scotland.

Fot those who want to join this corrupt union, the person who posted the first comment summed you up perfectly.