Friday, May 11, 2012

Top QC Paul McBride ‘killed’ according to Sports pundit slip up, BBC edits out remark as questions remain over loss of brilliant legal mind

paul mcbrideMcBride killed in Pakistan ? BBC Scotland edits out claim of Sports pundit. An interview on BBC radio’s Sportsound programme with the host of Celtic Quick News heard a claim from BBC Sports pundit Chic Young that Paul McBride was “tragically killed” on a trip to Pakistan in March of this year. The words spoken by Mr Young on the live broadcast have since been edited out by the BBC who uploaded a ‘podcast’ of the interview to their own website. It has previously been claimed Mr McBride was on a trip to Pakistan with lawyer Aamer Anwar to visit a wedding. However, it transpired Mr McBride was in Pakistan to consult with a client “Imran Immy Hussain” who stands accused of defrauding the UK Government of THREE HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS in a VAT carousel fraud which is now likely never to reach UK courts.

Since the tragic news of Mr McBride’s death was reported back in March, there have been increasing suspicions over events surrounding the case and the varying explanations & inconsistencies which have sprung up since his body was discovered in a ‘locked’ hotel room, initially reported by SLR HERE

A private recording of the interview, in which Mr Young speaks the words “tragically killed” corrected to “died”, can be found online here : where at about 6 minutes & 7 seconds into the interview, the now edited remarks can be heard. The BBC’s edited version of the conversation which has removed the word “killed” can be downloaded or listened to on the BBC’s own website here :

Whether the live on-air incident related purely to a slip of the tongue by Mr Young, or a personal belief there is more to the highly questionable death of what was perhaps Scotland’s brightest member of our legal community, BBC Scotland have offered no explanation as to why the word “killed” was edited out of the recording of the broadcast.

Scottish Law Reporter has since learned a complaint has been filed with the BBC about the editing out of the remark made by Mr Young, given nature of Mr McBride’s death and the reluctance of anyone in authority in Scotland to order a proper inquiry into what occurred in that hotel room in Pakistan.


Anonymous said...

slip of the tongue or not the fact remains there is little about McBride's death which qualifies as natural

all the lies about why he went there when it was really a chat to get some fraudster back to Scotland on the quiet and things I've heard myself indicate we are owed an investigation into what really happened and why so many people felt they had to lie to cover up why he was there

Anonymous said...

I dont buy into the died in his sleep routine and obviously nor do others (except maybe the unionist organ of the state BBC)

Anonymous said...

Goes to meet a 300 million tax dodger using a wedding as cover and dies

Yup nothing to see here at all its all normal aye right!

Anonymous said...

Yes I heard it in the non BBC link.So true to form the beeb are editing what should or could be news as well as not reporting it?

Anonymous said...

State sponsored censorship in action - so much for a 'free' press.

Anonymous said...

Young meant to say exactly what he did.You can tell just by listening to it.

sport live said...


Anonymous said...

People do die suddenly, including people who appear quite healthy.

Yet an explanation is always forthcoming, usually after an autopsy.

No explanation has ever been given for McBride's sudden death.

None at all.

'Natural causes' is absolutely not a believable reason for the death of a seemingly healthy man in his mid-forties.

You do wonder about his involvement with this Pakistani businessman involved in the alleged tax avoidance scheme.

You also wonder about why the news services have taken no interest, it just doesn't make sense.