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Proposals announced to ‘reform’ Scotland’s corrupt tribunal system under judicial leadership & control of Lord President

SCOTLAND’S notoriously corrupt TRIBUNALS SYSTEM is to come under the microscope with the launch of a Scottish Government consultation into reforming tribunals with a view to creating two generic tribunals, a First tier and an Upper tier, to be brought under the ‘judicial leadership’ (control, dictate - Ed) of Scotland’s top judge, the Lord President.

The plans, announced by an apparently less than convinced Minister for Community Safety, Roseanna Cunningham claim “greater clarity” will be brought to Scotland’s beleaguered vested interested stuffed tribunal system, which hosts members from all walks of life (including a cocaine using solicitor, a drunk driver sheriff, and a ‘retired’ nurse who stole from patients – Ed)

Reforming Scotland’s tribunals

The Scottish Government has today launched a consultation on reforming Scotland’s tribunal system with proposals centring around a unified, integrated structure which will be brought under the judicial leadership of the Lord President.

The proposals intend to create two generic tribunals, a First-tier and an Upper-tier, in which to transfer the separately operating tribunals in Scotland. There will also be genuine judicial independence by bringing the tribunal judiciary under the leadership of the Lord President.

Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs Roseanna Cunningham said: “I want to bring greater clarity and cohesiveness to Scotland’s tribunal system, ensuring that people at all points in the system receive a strong, fair and just service. Our proposed reforms will bring separate tribunals into a unified structure and provide for their independence by bringing judicial leadership under the Lord President. We also propose introducing new rule making procedures and new arrangements for the selection and appointment of tribunal judiciary.”

Ms Cunningham continued : “We are now embarking on the most radical reforms of our courts and tribunals systems for at least a century through our Making Justice Work programme. Our justice system needs to be better connected and make more effective use of modern technology to ensure a service that is high quality, continually improving, efficient and responsive to local people's needs. The character of tribunals has changed over recent decades; they are no longer considered to be administrative bodies but are now rightly perceived to be an integral part of the judicial system. These proposals underpin and strengthen that development.”

Ms Cunningham went on at further length : “The current system is complex and fragmented, and important questions have rightly been raised by third-party expert reviews around tribunal independence, system coherence and the quality of service provided to users. We want to retain and build on a tribunal system that puts its users at the centre. We want the public to have confidence in a system that treats them fairly, quickly and with respect. These changes require primary legislation and we are committed to bringing forward a bill within this parliament. The tribunals system we are proposing will make structural and organisational improvements but I am very clear that we must retain all the service benefits of the current, specialised system of tribunals with their particular jurisdictionally specific ethos. The particular needs of tribunal users remain central to this process. That is why I have ensured that appropriate measures are in place to protect each tribunal’s distinctive culture and specialist nature. I look forward to hearing the views of our valued stakeholders throughout this consultation process as we move forward with building a stronger, more responsive and supportive tribunal system for Scotland.”

The consultation is scheduled to run for 12 weeks. The coherent tribunal system proposed through this consultation supports a clearer, simpler and more effective way of resolving citizen to state and party to party disputes. The proposals seek to improve the effectiveness and quality of service delivery to users and secure better value for public money.

Consultation on proposals for a new tribunal system for Scotland

Easy read guide to the consultation

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Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks that the Scottish Tribunal system will be reformed is as laughable as the current system in place. In all my life I have never seen such a sorry bunch of money grabbing, unhappy working and disorganised lot called "solicitors". The system is so antiquated and elitist that I wouldn't trust anyone working in the profession as far as I could spit.