Saturday, February 25, 2012

Letter bomb trial : Prosecutors concerned alleged ‘Facebook spat between lawyers’ may be seen as ‘attempt to undermine accused legal representation’

trioNeil Lennon, Trish Godman & ‘top QC Paul McBride were targets of viable letter bombs. SERIOUS CONCERNS have been privately expressed by Crown Office insiders regarding an alleged FACEBOOK spat reported in national newspapers involving two advocates from the MacKinnon Advocates stable, one a high profile 'Top' QC, Paul McBride, and the other, Victoria J Young who narrowly escaped a criminal prosecution for stalking. Both advocates are involved (Mr McBride as a victim, Ms Young representing the accused) in the trial due to take place next week at the High Court in Glasgow of two men accused of plotting to murder Mr McBride QC, Celtic boss Neil Lennon and ex-MSP Trish Godman by means of sending “Viable” parcel bombs to the Celtic manager and the two high-profile fans of the Glasgow club.

Reports that a Faculty of Advocates investigation into allegations one of the advocates representing the accused in the trial, Victoria J Young who narrowly escaped a criminal prosecution for stalking after being charged by Strathclyde Police had “slagged off” one of the alleged victims of the letter bomb murder plot "top” QC Paul McBride, via the social network website FACEBOOK have so far been DENIED by senior figures from the FoA, however it now transpires insiders at Scotland’s prosecution service have expressed concern the spat between the two QCs, one a victim and the other, representing one of the accused, “may well have damaged or undermined the accused’ legal representation” leading to concerns over the progress of trial, due next week..

Speaking in the earlier report a Faculty insider who wished to remain anonymous said there was concern the allegations may have “an alternative agenda” however the insider did not wish to elaborate further.

It is now generally accepted Scotland has a significant sectarian problem which has grown so bad, the Lord Advocate authorised Crown Office to destroy its statistics on hate crimes against Catholics in case the predominantly EU found out, as reported HERE

BBC News reported on the parcel bombs incident : The first suspect package was intercepted by the Royal Mail in Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire, on 26 March and was addressed to Mr Lennon at Celtic's training ground in nearby Lennoxtown. Two days later a device was delivered to Labour politician Ms Godman's constituency office in Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire. Her staff were suspicious of the package and contacted Strathclyde Police. The third package was addressed to Mr McBride at the Faculty of Advocates in Edinburgh. It is believed to have been posted in Ayrshire before being found in a letter box by a postal worker on Friday and taken to a Royal Mail sorting office in Kilwinning, where police were contacted.

Commenting on the incident, Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond said: "Let us be quite clear - there is a major police investigation under way to ensure that the individual or individuals concerned are identified and apprehended, and then brought to book with the full force of the law. We will not tolerate this sort of criminality in Scotland, and as an indication of the seriousness with which we view these developments the Cabinet sub-committee met last Saturday to ensure that the police investigation has every possible support to come to a successful conclusion."


Big Nan said...

The fact that Victoria Young and Donald Findlay are representing the two accused was always going to make this case interesting.

Young is best known for being disciiplined by the Faculty for her stalking of Findlay's ex-lover Paddy Christie. Google "So sorry for being a phone pest, Paddy".

The bold Donald Findlay of course is best known for his bigoted karaoke. Google "It's very smoky in here has another F*****g Pope died."

Now according to the Sun Ms Young is dissing one of the bombers targets who is a fellow Faculty member!

You simply could not make it up. Only in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

One thing most lawyers do know is when to keep their mouth shut - a lesson Ms. Young has yet to learn apparently, or a deliberate provocation?

The idea of an alternative agenda certainly rings true, perhaps the defence are deliberately trying to delay the trial.