Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Days as Scottish Parliament’s ‘flag burning’, ‘porn downloading’, ‘cocaine snorting’ & ‘racist joking’ staff to be offered anti-bigotry lessons

Among the many things the staff of the Scottish Parliament based at Holyrood are famous for, such as racist remarks, sexual insults, stalking visitors (including school children) on their facebook & email for dates, rigging briefings, flag burning, cocaine snorting, theft, assault, fiddling expenses, performing sex acts in public on each other & on msps, downloading pornography (that’s why the laptops go missing alleged a Policeman, burying the evidence, right ? – Ed) & of course, anti-catholic and just about anti-every-religion-possible abuse, the same all-hating members of staff are now in with a chance of being offered lessons in how not to be religious bigots, reports the Sunday Herald.

And as if all this isn't enough, IP numbers & key identifiers of computers located at the Scottish Parliament are reported to have shown up in international law enforcement investigations into the online downloading & sharing of c* pornography, however, no one has yet been charged or at least no one is letting on if anyone at Holyrood has been charged. So, next time someone tells you they work at the Scottish Parliament, as well as them being able to tell you (perhaps grudgingly) they are no longer a bigot, there is a little more to talk about than how Scotland’s $1billion edifice benefits the country, rather than just the people within it.

The Sunday Herald reports :

Parliament staff offered lessons in how not to be religious bigots

exclusive by Paul Hutcheon

20 Nov 2011

STAFF at the Scottish Parliament have been offered anti-bigotry lessons in response to fears about sectarianism at work. Specialist charity Nil By Mouth has invited the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body (SPCB) to take part in sessions about combating religious hatred.

MSPs are currently scrutinising Government legislation that would introduce new offences for sectarian behaviour. The bill going through Parliament creates offences relating to threatening communications and offensive behaviour at football games.

Ministers are proposing a penalty of up to five years in jail for offenders. However, many have criticised the SNP Government for focusing primarily on football-related sectarianism. A growing number of people believe religious intolerance is a problem across society and not solely a matter for football clubs.

Nil By Mouth, set up in 1995 by Glasgow teenager Cara Henderson following the sectarian murder of her friend Mark Scott, delivers workshops in schools and workplaces across Scotland. The charity has contacted the corporate body about providing the training to Holyrood staff and MSP employees.

The offer follows well-publicised incidents involving staff working for MSPs. It was revealed earlier this year that Ross McFarlane, an aide to Tory MSP Ruth Davidson, had been captured on video setting fire to a European Union flag.

As the staffer struggled to set the cloth alight, another participant could be heard saying: “There’s more chance of f***ing seeing the Pope confess to paedophilia.” As the group laughed, the same person added: “There’s more chance of Hugh Dallas [ex-football referee] telling us he’s a f***ing tarrier.” “Tarrier” is an offensive term for an Irish Catholic. Davidson, who has since become her party’s leader in Scotland, sacked the aide. It was then revealed that Tory aide Colin Taylor had tweeted a line from a song glorifying the paramilitary Ulster Volunteer Force. He was issued with a formal warning.

In a letter to Holyrood chief executive Paul Grice, Nil By Mouth campaign director Dave Scott said that, with sectarianism again in the headlines, he felt that SPCB staff – along with MSPs and their staff – would benefit from an awareness-raising project. He added: “Taking part in such a project would send a clear message to the rest of society that sectarianism is being challenged in the highest offices in the land.” The Sunday Herald recently reported that Nil By Mouth had been snubbed by the Holyrood committee scrutinising the Government’s anti-sectarianism legislation.

James Kelly, Labour’s shadow justice minister, said: “Anything that assists in tackling the scourge of sectarianism in Scottish society should be given careful consideration.” Tory chief whip John Lamont said: “Scottish Conservatives will look at any initiative that will help reduce the prevalence of it [sectarianism] in our society.” A Scottish Parliament spokeswoman said of the training offer: “We will give it our full consideration.”


Anonymous said...

So we have pedos in the Scottish Parliament well no wonder no one did anything about the Hollie Greig abuse scandal.

Hope you lot get independence soon so we can put the wall back up!

Anonymous said...

A gf of mine worked at Holyrood,she had her bag snatched by her co-worker and was told not to complain otherwise she would be sacked.She complained and they drove her out of her job,bastards broke us up too

Anonymous said...

There should be arrests at this stupid parliament forced on us by the unionists!