Friday, July 22, 2011

Who was paid to release the Gail Sheridan interview tape ? Answers on an email to Scottish Law Reporter

If current rumours are anything to go by, and we here at Scottish Law Reporter have heard some very odd things recently, the headline says it all. What is certainly known is the Gail Sheridan interview tape was leaked maliciously and not for free.

Anyone with information on how this tape came to be in the public domain, along with info on exactly who received how much money for it and from whom, please contact Scottish Law Reporter before the usual Scottish ‘snow job’ enquiry buries the evidence. Just remember folks, it could happen to you next.

Made available for a lot more than 30 pieces of silver, according to rumours. Info please to


Big Nan said...

It is scandalous that police proceedings like this interview should be used as entertainment for the red top readers.

If L&B's finest are as greedy as their Met cousins it is likely that someone has taken a bung to give this tape to the media.

We are entitled to know who?

Anonymous said...

For police interviews to be put out for the entertainment of the masses is nothing short of scandalous.

There can be no doubt that L&B are every bit as bad as their brethren in the MET.

We must expect answers as to who put this tape in the public domain and heads must roll.

It was bad enough that an innocent woman was likened to a terrorist in her refusal to speak without her lawyer present but this is adding insult to injury.

Anonymous said...

As we have seen over the past few days the connections between certain newspaper groups and the Metropolitan Police reveal money has been changing hands.No doubt about it.

I am therefore utterly convinced sums of money changed hands for this tape and those involved can only be somewhere within the prosecution services of Scotland.For this reason alone Mr MacAskill will resist all efforts to initiate a full investigation into the relationship between the media,Scottish Police Forces and the Crown Office itself.

Anonymous said...

Any cops got a lot more cash than they should have lately ?

Anonymous said...

One Scottish snow job enquiry coming right up!

Anonymous said...

All comments which have identified individuals connected with these events will not be published,however the information will be looked into for publication in a suitable venue.