Thursday, February 17, 2011

Law Society of Scotland has ‘a fundamental dishonesty at its core’ claims ex-Glasgow Bar Chief John McGovern as resignation rocks Society's Council

Law Society of ScotlandThe Law Society of Scotland stand accused of being dishonest to the core. THE Law Society of Scotland has been accused of being “fundamentally dishonest at its core” by the former President of the Glasgow Bar Association & Law Society Council Member, John McGovern who, according to the independent law publication “The Firm” is reported to have resigned from the Law Society’s Council earlier this week after a string of disagreements with the Law Society on everything from alternative business structures to the Society’s role over representation of solicitors & complaints handling.

The Firm’s website reported on the 16th February 2011 that “John McGovern, the former President of the Glasgow Bar Association and Law Society Council member for Glasgow and Strathkelvin resigned from the Law Society Council last night, claiming the Society has "a fundamental dishonesty at its core". He has resigned with immediate effect.”

“McGovern, who was elected to Council in May last year, has been critical of the Society's policy on ABS, and has campaigned against the dual functions of representation and regulation being vested in the Society, amongst other issues.”

Late tonight, the Law Society of Scotland’s website still displayed Mr McGovern’s membership of the Law Society of Scotland's Access to Justice Committee (a Committee which itself is no stranger to controversy, currently under the convenership of the Govan Law Centre’s Mike Dailly).

However, no media statement has yet been issued by Law Society officials confirming the events of Mr McGovern’s departure, nor has the Society made any response to Mr McGovern's most serious, if absolutely true allegations that the Law Society are dishonest to the core (I knew the Law Society were dishonest years ago ! – Ed)


Anonymous said...

Took him long enough to admit it

Anonymous said...

So where on the firm's website is Mr McGovern's personal statement or quotes from it in which he allegedly claims the LSoS is dishonest ?

No statement no story