Friday, September 17, 2010

Ex-Law Society Chief, now Glasgow University Legal Practice Director Douglas Mill soaks broke public coffers for ‘lunch with judges’ expense claims

Douglas Mill 4Former Law Society Chief Douglas Mill now at Glasgow University joins the expenses bandwagon while taxpayers foot the bill. GLASGOW UNIVERSITY’S Douglas Mill, who took up his post after resigning from his eleven year highly paid position as the Law Society of Scotland’s Chief Executive, has been revealed to have claimed over £2,241.75 from taxpayers funds for an expensive course of dinners, lunches and meetings with judges, lawyers, teachers & representatives of the media (not us, thankfully – Ed).

The figures, released under Freedom of Information legislation by Glasgow University show Mr Mill eating out at taxpayers expense with the ranks of Scotland’s legal profession, even charging his Law Society fee to hard up public funds. However the University’s disclosure of Mr Mill’s soaring dining bill & other claims paid for by taxpayers apparently contained a legal threat against anyone seeking to public their content, which is odd, considering Mr Mill’s position at Glasgow University is paid for by public funds, and the public most certainly have a right to know who earns what from their taxes.

Glasgow University on the rocks – Douglas Mill lunches away at taxpayers expense while public services burn in a billion cuts.

Douglas Mill Expenses Claims


3.12.09 Lunch with staff from another University to arrange joint event 3 £45.00

15.12.09 Lunch with sheriff and two external lawyers-members of interview panel 3 £38.00

8.2.10 Lunch with editor of magazine and marketing dept to arrange publicity for events 5 £57.00

16.2.10 Lunch for 2 external solicitors to arrange speakers for course 3 £38.25

9.2.10 Dinner for Judge and QC- speakers at Life in Law conference 6 £250.00

23.2.10 Dinner for judge, Sheriff, speakers at Law in Law conference 6 £375.00

9.3.10 Dinner for Sheriff and other guest speaker at Life in Law conference 6 £250.00

4.3.10 Lunch for Sheriff, trainer, solicitors and three staff 13 £100.00

21.4.10 Dinner for external tutors following training 6 £115.00

21.4.10 Lunch with solicitor to discuss upcoming conference and PEAT II issues 2 £22.90

9.4.10 Lunch with staff from legal publication to discuss publicity for diploma 3 £43.30

9.6.10 Dinner for guest speakers after training event 6 £143.50

28.5.10 Travel expenses to Perth for Diploma co-ordinating meeting £50.40

22.6.10 Snacks for Private Law training event £20.90

3.9.09 Lunch for senior tutors 6 £134.90

17.11.09 Law Society retention fee £70.00

30.3.09 University of Strathclyde CELTS conference £70.00

28.5.09 PEAT 1 collaborative conference £40.00

12.6.09 UKCLE conference fee £85.00

28.1.10 Travel expenses to UKCLE conference. Warwick. £75.00

15.1.10 Lunch with external interviewer 3 £62.60

06.10.09 Lunch with solicitors to discuss student placements 5 £85.00

5.10.09 Lunch with senior tutors 6 £70.00

Total £2,241.75


Anonymous said...

I'll bet "The Journal" wont be doing a feature on this one.Was it their editor who had lunch with Mill courtesy of taxpayers ?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no dinners with politicians are there or do they avoid him ?

Are you sure ALL the expenses claimed for are there ?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this guy is on a huge salary so why is he having to claim even more for eating out with his own colleagues ?

Make him pay it all back just like the MPs!

Anonymous said...

A disgrace this chancer was allowed within a mile of Glasgow University, far less offered a job.

Anonymous said...

mmm yum yum Mr Mill isnt it great to have lunches on the taxpayer while your friend Freddy Badwin gobbled up all our money