Thursday, May 07, 2009

Scottish Government backs spying, infiltration of protest groups according to Justice Secretary

Well there’s one thing no one can accuse the SNP of being, and that's ‘not lacking behind Westminster in the surveillance stakes’, as Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill today confirmed during Holyrood question time in a question from Green MSP Patrick Harvie, that the SNP Scottish Government supports the use of Police forces to infiltrate protest & campaign groups by whatever means necessary.

Hot on the heals of Patrick Harvie’s questions, came the Conservative’s Justice Spokesman, Bill Aitken MSP, who seemed to go all Douglas Haggarty supportive on Kenny MacAskill, in an attempt to take the sting out of Patrick Harvie’s line.

Aitlen indulged in copious amounts of praise for Mr MacAskill’s support of Strathclyde Police’s attempted bribing of members of “Plane Stupid” .. while we note revelations emerge that many campaign & protest groups appear now to be infiltrated in similar ways .. (Phew, what a joke .. the Tories could do with a new Justice Spokesman in Scotland ! – Ed)

(Of course, spying is the right thing for the SNP to do on political opponents & journalists, right ? errm ? anyone ? – Ed again)

Watch the video here :

Kenny MacAskill receives some much needed ‘kissy kissy’ from Tory Bill Aitken on ‘lets bug, spy on political opponents & campaign groups’ policy

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.Aitken certainly does not deserve to be on the front bench team but don't worry.London is aware of it and watching him as well as several others who seem to be out of place.