Friday, May 29, 2009

Revolt over costs of solicitors contributions to Law Society fizzles out for now

The much talked about revolt by members of Scotland’s hapless legal profession who are ‘fed up’ paying £665 a year to fund the huge salaries of wasters staff at the Law Society of Scotland, fizzled out as expected.

The Council of the Law Society raised a motion as they always do, took over the issue, and won the vote. (Checkmate ! – Ed)

The Scotsman reports :

The cost of being certified solicitor survives 'cut' call

Published Date: 29 May 2009
By Christopher Mackie

A REBELLION over the cost of practising as a solicitor in Scotland was headed off last night, as the Law Society won a crucial vote at its AGM in Edinburgh.

The motion, put down by Glasgow solicitor David Flint – to reduce the cost of the solicitor's practising certificate from £665 to £400 – was defeated after an amendment tabled by the society won overwhelmingly by 1,150 votes to 480.

That amendment called on the legal profession to allow the society time to bring forward cost-reduction proposals for membership at a special meeting in September after a review of its operations is carried out.

The society's chief executive, Lorna Jack, has already promised that the professional body will bring forward proposals for a "material reduction" in the cost of the certificate at that meeting.

Commenting after the vote was taken, Mr Fllint, who is a partner in MacRoberts, said: "Despite the fact that the mot- ion was not successful, I am heartened by the fact that a significant number of the profession voted in favour of it and that the society has recognised and committed to a material reduction in the practising certificate for next year."

The vote caps a turbulent two weeks for the Law Society over membership costs, after it was accused by Mr Flint and others of being a bureaucracy that wasted the money of its members.

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