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Cardinal Keith O’Brien bids to end US extradition threat over Scots family

The leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, Cardinal Keith O’Brien has intervened in a bid to help a family facing extradition to the US over allegations connected with sales from their Chemical business. The allegations by US authorities specify that specific substances were sold to US citizens which could be used in the manufacture of narcotics, however the substances and their sale is not illegal here in the UK.

The Sunday Post reports :

Cardinal’s bid to end extradition hell

Cardinal's bid to end extradition hell

An appeal has been launched on the Shirley McKie forum to see the case is handled under Scots Law, asking the First Minister to intervene over his over anxious Justice Secretary who has already signed the extradition warrant on the family …

Link to Shirley McKie forum appeal

Brian and Kerry Howes face being extradited to US from Scotland when they have NOT committed a crime in Scotland. This couple have 4 children and another baby is due any day now.

ALL these children will be taken into care and probably adopted if these people are extradited for something that is NOT A CRIME IN SCOTLAND OR IN US. The children will suffer terribly since they have no other family to look after them if their parents are sent to Arizona.

There also seems to be a punishment overkill in this case. Not only do they lose their business, their home, their children, get no support from UK courts, sent off to Arizona, which BTW is a nasty State, and face 20 years in jail plus a huge fine of $250,000.

Scotland should not be taking part in this at all.

The address of the site with the case on it is

See this article about the case: US jail threat to Scots family


DEA and US Extradition Corruption
This is a conversation with a US DEA officer from Arizona called Don Sherard who likes to brag about operations that he has been involved in that indicts people in the UK and around the world based on deception.

The deception in this case is severe and the methods used are in my opinion and other legal minded people I have spoken to about this conversation and others tell me it may be part of a wider corruption stemming from the UK extradition treaty with the US that does not require any evidence for extradition.

This conversation and others with news media and solicitors shows a disregard for a proper process when the US prosecutor asks for extradition of a UK citizen

Here is another of several conversations with the US DEA a man called Don Sherard who was at the centre of my wife’s and my extradition.

Listen to this call as it shows that the US had no evidence of Conspiracy in our indictments and worse still Cleveland Police and the US DEA conspired with each other and planned in this Conspiracy to illegally have computers and other property sent to the US in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 without a warrant as required by the extradition act.

Further to this conspiracy Cleveland Police officer Gillian Matthews and Rebecca Driscol and DSI Duffy along with DC Thomas and Cleveland Police Officers not named and some not yet known along with Don Sherard of The US Meth Lab investigation in Phoenix Arizona in Marico county and several not named and some unknown also conspired to Have my wife and I extradited contrary to the laws of the UK and US.

Just have a listen and make up your own mind up.


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