Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Appraisal of Scots justice system concludes ‘abysmal failure’ of SNP Government on Law & Order

A guest writer concludes in his appraisal of the Scots justice system that two years down the line from the election of May 2007 which saw the SNP take control of the Scottish Government, the lack of reforms, lack of attention to injustice and consistent failure on the part of the current Scots Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, has led to Scots losing rights and losing entitlements and access to justice.

Scottish "Justice" laid bare for all to see ...

Today sees exactly two years to the day (Friday 4 May 2007) since our minority SNP "Government" took control from the Scottish Labour Party's grip on power at the Scottish Parliament ... scraping to power by the skin of their teeth with 47 MSPs - to Scottish Labour's 46.

I'm sure, like me, you all hoped for a new dawn when it came to justice issues and reforms in Scotland, but we were very soon to realise, after Salmond appointed his self-protecting and lawyer-loving friend Kenny MacAskill as his Cabinet Secretary "for Justice" and they in turn appointed Elish Angiolini as our "new" (same old) Lord Advocate, that we were to be in for more of the same when it came to Scottish "Justice".

They have now proved to us beyond any doubt over these past two years that they are indeed the Tartan Tories and the party of big business and the Scottish establishment, only interested in keeping the status quo and their friends in the Scottish legal establishment (Scotland's 10,000 lawyers, the Scottish Law Society, the Scottish Crown Office, the SCCRC, the SLCC etc) very sweet ... and to hell with the rest of us, injustice cases and the TRUTH and JUSTICE for their fellow Scots (and others seeking their help and intervention).

Every single case of injustice and miscarriage of justice highlighted on this forum over these past two years has been drawn to Salmond's and MacAskill's attention, but they have done nothing for anyone approaching them often pleading for their help and intervention.

Was this the "open, honest, fair, just, truthful, transparent, compassionate and caring" new Scottish "Government" that the people of Scotland wanted and voted for on Thursday 3 May 2007? I think not.

Shame on Salmond and MacAskill … who will never help you when it comes to injustice in Scotland … too many vested interests at play, and that will always be the case.

Get rid of them at the earliest opportunity people of Scotland ... for they are indeed the party of and for the Scottish establishment ... and NOT for Scotland's c.5,100,000 ordinary souls ... especially those seeking justice for themselves or their friends and loved ones.

Now, that really would be "Justice For All".

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