Friday, October 24, 2008

Sheriff tells conman you deserve jail beating – a lesson for other con artists ?

A sheriff tells a bogus workman who was beaten up in prison he deserved it … the bogus workman being jailed for 10 months after conning a 91 year old woman out of her savings.

Lesson for other con artists out there ? and there are plenty about, even con artist relatives …

BBC News reports :

Conman 'deserved' prison attack

A bogus workman who was beaten up in prison has been told "you deserve anything you receive" by a sheriff.

Eddie Newlands, 37, from Perth, was sent to jail for 10 months on Thursday after conning a 91-year-old woman out of £5,500 of her savings.

Perth Sheriff Court heard he had been "significantly assaulted" twice in custody by inmates angry at his crime.

Sheriff Margaret Gimblett said she had no sympathy and described what he had done to the pensioner as "despicable."

Newlands and another man had carried out "repairs" to Mary Hogg's house in Auchterarder between 18 and 22 July.

Afterwards, they told her they needed £5,500 in cash and made her go to the bank to withdraw the money.

You deserve anything you receive while in prison
Sheriff Margaret Gimblett

The pensioner's family called the police after hearing what had happened. They were told that the wrong spray had been used on the roof and that it would cost more than £4,000 to fix.

When officers came to question Newlands at his home on 1 October, he pulled out a knife and threatened to attack them.

Newlands' solicitor John McLaughlin said: "He has been significantly assaulted in prison on two separate occasions.

"This is the type of crime which is not looked upon favourably in custody and he realises he will have an exceptionally difficult time during his period in custody."

While passing sentence, Sheriff Gimblett replied: "You deserve anything you receive while in prison. What you did to this old lady was despicable."

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