Thursday, July 17, 2008

Law Society of Scotland staying at Drumsheugh Gardens after property deal collapse

Oh what a shame, it seems the Law Society has lost some of its clout over the years, and finds itself stuck in it’s Drumsheugh Gardens HQ for a little while longer !

The Journal reports :

Law Society to stay put for the mean time

Society to remain at Drumsheugh Gardens headquarters in view of downturn in property market

The Law Society of Scotland is to remain at its Drumsheugh Gardens headquarters for the immediate future.

Ian Smart, vice president at the Law Society, said: “The recent downturn in the property market means we haven’t secured the kind of deal which would make it prudent to move at the moment.

“We do still believe a move to new premises in Edinburgh is essential for the future development of the Law Society and while we are continuing to look at new offices and will continue to talk to potential buyers, we are not now planning to move before the end of the year.”

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