Sunday, March 09, 2008

Fiscal who 'lost' vital files also mislead client over ill health claim in case now time barred

It is reported a well known Fiscal is the subject of a serious complaint after costing a client at least £150,000 by misleading him.

Adrian Fraser is being investigated by the Law Society of Scotland over his handling of an ill health claim by a pensioner who claims Fraser mislead him, lost or destroyed vital files and time barred his claim.

Almost a common complaint these days against solicitors in Scotland, who are now creeping into the statistics of providing the worst legal service to corporate and private clients in all of Europe ...

The Sunday Mail reports :

'Lying' Fiscal Ruined My Life

Mar 9 2008 By Steve Dinneen

Exclusive Oap's £150k Claim

A TOP fiscal has been accused of costing a client s150,000 by misleading him.

Adrian Fraser - who prosecuted shamed peer Mike Watson - is under investigation over his handling of the ill-health claim.

He was hired as a solicitor by Alexander Davidson in 1995 to represent his compensation battle with ex-employer Scottish Power.

Alexander, 72, of Falkirk, had been told by a court-appointed advocate he could received £150,000 after exposure to hazardous substances.

But he claims Fraser did not file his Legal Aid application in time and "deliberately misled" him to cover his tracks. He is also accused of losing or binning vital files.

Alexander's case eventually became timebarred and he had to settle for just £3000.

He said: "Fraser has torn my life apart."

The LawSociety of Scotland ruled his actions "could amount to professional misconduct" and referred the case to the Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal but a report has still not been filed. They also ordered Fraser to pay Alexander £1000.

Philip Yelland, Law Society of Scotland director of regulation, said: "Complaints against Adrian Fraser are being investigated."

Fraser became a fiscal in Edinburgh in 2004. His cases include that of former Labour MSP Watson, who was jailed in 2005 for fire-raising.

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