Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fiscals Letter reveals Crown Office refusal to prosecute lawyer who committed 'crime'

If one was ever wondering why lawyers are hardly prosecuted by the Crown Office - that could be because the Crown Office is full of lawyers itself ...

Here is a letter from the Crown Office showing the difficulties of prosecuting a lawyer. in this case identified as a Hugh Thomas Murray.

The Fiscal seems to indicate a crime took place in what must be a rather surprising choice of words ... and then refuse to do anything.

Crown Office - lawyer committed a 'serious crime' but no further action to be taken

crown office letter

"A decision has been taken by the Crown Office to take no further proceedings in this case : this decision was not taken lightly as we realise the seriousness of this crime"

Odd comments from the Crown Office, who usually profess to prosecute everything & everyone under the sun ...

There are quite a few more letters like this one about to hit the headlines as sources from the Scottish Government decide to bail out on the legal profession's attempts to thwart prosecution of solicitors in Scotland ... phew, we are relieved to hear Kenny hasn't killed off all the moles in his office ...

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