Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Anderson Fyfe paralegal revealed as expensive prostitute with heroin habit

Do you really know your lawyer or paralegal ?

The quality of paralegals takes another blow as Glasgow law firm Anderson Fyfe becomes the latest Scottish law firm to be hit with a paralegal scandal ...

Who regulates standards in the paralegals sector ? oh yes ... them again ... and not doing a very good job of it either ...

The Sunday Mail reports :

Top Firm's Law Girl Is £100-An-Hour Hooker

By Derek Alexander

A LEGAL assistant at a top law firm is leading a sleazy double life as a £100-an-hour hooker.

Ailsa McGuffie quickly dumps her boss's case work and offers her own brand of illegal services once she leaves her city centre office.

The 27-year-old is a paralegal with an award-winning firm of solicitors who have a string of blue chip clients.

But the Sunday Mail can reveal McGuffie - who calls herself Emma - also works as a prostitute in a notorious red light district.

McGuffie has worked for Anderson Fyfe solicitors in Glasgow for a year since moving from Aberdeen.

She is responsible for researching and managing caseloads, including mortgage and property transactions.

Paralegals also take care of paperwork for litigation and criminal trials.

Anderson Fyfe is one of the country's most successful law practices and won Firm of the Year at the Law Awards of Scotland in 2006.

But its high-flying partners will be shocked to learn one of their trusted employees has a sleazy double life.

Once McGuffie finishes her shift she regularly heads to Glasgow Green to tout for sex. She offers kerb crawlers a string of seedy services to help fund a drug habit.

A source said last night: "Ailsa has been working as a prostitute since she moved to Glasgow a couple of years ago.

"She's got a heroin habit to feed and working in a normal job wouldn't be enough to do that.

"Glasgow Green is where she's met almost all of her punters and she gives them her number in the hope they become regular clients."

A Sunday Mail investigator made contact with McGuffie by phone.

Our man pretended to be a previous client she had met while soliciting for sex. McGuffie, who lives in Glasgow's Yoker area, claimed to remember him and agreed to meet at the Ibis Hotel in the city centre on Wednesday night.

Once in the room she asked for a cigarette before discussing fees.

She said: "I'll do half-an-hour for £60 and we'll see how long it takes you. If we go over the half-hour then it'll be £100.

"It must have been a while ago that you saw me because I can't remember you."

Our man told her he picked her up while she solicited for sex on Glasgow Green. Seeming more relaxed, McGuffie replied: "I was down there a couple of nights ago and left after about 15 minutes, I don't know what's wrong with me.

"I try to stick to my regular clients now - maybe I'm just being paranoid."

McGuffie then listed the sex services she offers as she stripped, showing off a large Maori-style tattoo at the base of her spine.

She then jumped on the bed and invited our man to join her but he made his excuses and asked her to leave. She got dressed and pocketed her cash - six £10 notes.

As she left she patted our man on the backside and said: "Maybe I'll see you again, take care."

The next day she left Anderson Fyfe's office in Gordon Street at 12.30pm and went to St Vincent Street public toilet, where she stayed for 25 minutes before heading back to work.

Our source said: "It's amazing she can work in an office and carry out duties while on hard drugs.

"The people she works with have no idea what she's really like and their clients won't be happy to know that someone like Ailsa is handling their paperwork.

"Their jaws will hit the floor when they find out what she's all about."

Anderson Fyfe were yesterday unavailable for comment while McGuffie failed to return our calls.

Anderson Fyfe decided to suspend Alisa McGuffie from her job ... ahem ...

Sunday Mail reports :

Law Firm Suspends Hooker

A LEGAL worker exposed as a prostitute has been suspended from her job.

Ailsa McGuffie, 27, was told to stay at home by bosses after we revealed she moonlighted as a sex worker.

Heroin addict McGuffie is a paralegal with Glasgow law firm Anderson Fyfe.

Bosses have suspended her while they investigate her seedy double life.

One source said: "It has been a major embarrassment and they're taking it very seriously."

A client, who did not want to be named, said: "Ailsa McGuffie handled my mortgage - worth a very significant amount.

"I feel uncomfortable someone with her background would be in a position to do this."

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