Monday, October 15, 2007

Law Society tries to 'engage' prospective law students

Perhaps the Law Society are the wrong people to be doing this, given their terrible performance as the profession's governing body.

The Herald reports :

New lawyers’ engagement scheme


THE Law Society of Scotland today launches a new scheme to help would-be lawyers find out more about what it takes to become a solicitor, and support them through all the subsequent stages of their legal education. The new lawyers' engagement strategy, which will be rolled out over three years, is designed to raise the profile of the society with senior secondary school pupils, law students, diploma students and trainee solicitors, as well as solicitors with up to five years' experience in the profession. "Investment in the future is at the heart of this strategy and engaging with the solicitors of tomorrow is key to ensuring that the legal profession can continue to attract the talented people it needs to thrive" said Collette Paterson, the society's new lawyers' co-ordinator.

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