Saturday, August 26, 2006

Scottish lawyers seeks child for sex - found guilty in Glasgow Sheriff Court

From Injustice Scotland :

Ian Donnelly, a Scottish solicitor, working at personal injury solicitors Lloyd Green in Glasgow city's Cadogan Square. sought to have sex a child, in a request for a relationship with a prostitute - reports the Daily Record.

While the howls of protest may rise from the ranks of the legal profession that the case of Scottish lawyer Ian Donnelly, seeking to obviuosly rape a child, is an isolated case, that is very far from being the truth - as quite a few Police Officers would confess, off the record ...

It seems, these days, there are many within the ranks of the Scottish legal profession - who seek sexual relations with children. There are even some figures within the Scottish legal profession - who actually run companies and clubs which specialise in the more seedier part of life - which we cannot really write about here - just use your imagination a bit - then double it, and think of the worsr things which may be possible for a human to do ... you might be getting close....

Recently, the wife of one of the most respected lawyers in Edinburgh - yet another 'luminous figure in the legal & political arena', discovered her husband poses as a 14 year old boy to chat to other young boys in chat rooms and on instant messenger applications.

The 'respected legal figure' is several decades older than the young boys he has been chatting to, even, allegedly, swapping lurid images of himself & more .. with his young friends - under the guise of one of their peers .. and he allegedly handles the chats very well ... but let's hope one day, he chats to a policeman, and gets charged with grooming children for sexual motives - which I understand - is a criminal offence.

Pity the wife of this this sick twisted lawyer hasn't had the guts yet to report him herself , yet, ... as the man must obviously be a danger to her and her family, as well as children everywhere - despite the fact he is 'well respected' - and apparently is friends with a few journalists too .... we will wait to hear more on this, no doubt.

Sentence has been deferred on Ian Donnelly for a month, while he is put on the sex offenders register .. but we at Injustice Scotland, hope he is locked away for a long time - as he is an obvious danger to children anywhere ... like some others in the legal profession ...

Read on for the article, from the Daily Record - on yet another fine example of the filth which swims within Scotland's legal profession, link at :

Prostitute tipped off cops over lawyer's sick request
By Ben Spencer

A SOLICITOR begged a prostitute to arrange sex with a mum and a daughter aged under 11.

Ian Donnelly sneaked out of his office the next day to her nearby flat - but she tipped off police and he was later arrested.

Officers then found a stash of child porn on his home computer, a court heard yesterday.

The incident came just weeks after married Donnelly sent a bizarre letter to an ex-lover asking for a bag of her underwear.

The civil lawyer, 43, admitted a string of charges at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

The court heard Donnelly made "a request" that alarmed the hooker enough to call police after she met him in the city in November.

But the woman still arranged to meet him again and Donnelly called her the next day.

Fiona Holligan, prosecuting, said the prostitute again called police to tell them he was heading to her flat.

When he arrived, he immediately asked if the hooker was "able to get a threesome".

Miss Holligan added: "The woman claimed arrangements were in hand. Donnelly said he hoped it would be a mum in her 20s and the child had to be under 11."

The woman left the room and returned to find him committing an indecent act while holding a photo of her young female relative.

He then returned to work at personal injury solicitors Lloyd Green in the city's Cadogan Square.

Police later spoke with the woman and DNA found in the flat matched Donnelly's.

He was detained at his work. Officers searched his home in Stonelaw Road, Rutherglen, near Glasgow, and found 320 indecent images of girls on his PC.

There were also X-rated stories involving youngsters.

Weeks earlier, an ex-lover of Donnelly arrived home to find an anonymous letter. The writer claimed to have "taken her shoes" and liked to watch her walk about naked.

He went on: "Please leave out a bag of pants, bras and stockings." Suspicion fell on Donnelly.

Donnelly admitted two breach of the peace charges and having indecent images.

Ian Duguid QC, defending, said Donnelly felt "genuine shame" and his request to the prostitute was "fantasy".

The solicitor had quit his job.

Sheriff Alistair Noble put Donnelly on the sex offenders' register and deferred entence until next month.

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