Monday, September 17, 2007

Holyrood Justice Committee to investigate use of Police Officers

Hardly able to manage their own affairs, the Scottish Parliament's Justice Committee has decided to investigate Police Force's use of officers ...

Interesting results awaited ? or a diversion away from the real issue of deep rooted problems in the entire Scots justice system ?

The Edinburgh News reports :

MSPs to probe police forces' use of officers

MSPs today launched an inquiry into how Scotland's police officers are deployed.

Holyrood's justice committee said it wanted to look at how forces were using their current resources, in light of proposals for 1000 extra officers across the country.

Statistics quoted during the Holyrood election campaign earlier this year showed there were often as few as 150 police officers on the beat in Scotland.

Committee convener, Tory MSP Bill Aitken said: "Following the commitment of the Scottish Government to provide additional resources to allow the recruitment of 1000 extra police officers, our committee felt the time was right to look carefully at how effectively police resources are being used."

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