Monday, September 17, 2007

Crown Office accused of being 'outsmarted' on World's End trial collapse

Advocate Depute Alan MacKay comes into focus over his failure in the World's End trial collapse, where the Edinburgh News reports that a family member of one of the murder victims has accused the lead prosecutor of being "outsmarted" in the trial..

How many times are the Crown Office outsmarted in cases ? ... numerous, we fear .. and no one gets to know about it ...

Edinburgh News reports :

World's End prosecutor 'outsmarted'

THE brother of one of the World's End murder victims has claimed prosecutor Alan Mackay was "outsmarted" during the collapsed trial of rapist and killer Angus Sinclair.

Kevin Scott, 41, accused him of blundering by arranging a "behind the scenes" deal with Sinclair's defence team which ensured crucial witnesses could not be called to back up DNA evidence.

According to reports, he also revealed that four days into the trial Mr Mackay told the increasingly concerned family: "Don't worry it's not coming off the tracks."

However, just days later the case was thrown out by a judge who ruled there was insufficient evidence.

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