Saturday, July 28, 2012

Law firm Tods Murray awarded Lexcel ‘quality mark’ after pursuing pensioner for £34K photocopying demand in 16 year court nightmare

EDINBURGH based law firm Tods Murray, who pursued pensioner Andrew McNamara in Scotland’s courts for SIXTEEN YEARS to force payment for a staggering demand of THIRTY FOUR THOUSAND POUNDS for photocopying at an eye watering £4 a sheet, has been awarded the Lexcel ‘legal quality mark’ by the Law Society of England & Wales. The Lexcel award is handed out after a firm has been ‘independently’ assessed against the highest standards of management practice and customer care (Guess they forgot to ask the clients then ! – Ed)

Tods Murray’s Lexcel award comes amid a crop of other similar lapel pins & certificates handed out to solicitors recently, as part of a somewhat obvious desperate attempt by both Scottish & English industry regulators to drum up business for ailing law firms which have become infamous for battles with their clients such as the Tods Murray v Arakin where pensioner Mr McNamara has been appealing a ruling by law firm favourite judge Lord Woolman he must pay his former lawyers around £90K.

No client of Tods Murray could be tracked down to give a positive comment on the firm’s Lexcel award.

Tods Murray announced : Tods Murray secures international quality mark

Tods Murray LLP has secured Lexcel - the legal quality mark - making it the first solely Scotland-based law firm to hold the international standard.

Tods Murray, which has offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow, was awarded the Law Society of England and Wales’ prestigious accreditation having been independently assessed against the highest standards of management practice and customer care.

David Dunsire, Executive Partner at Tods Murray, said: “By securing Lexcel we are sending a clear message - that we meet international standards of customer care and service within legal practice. The legal sector in Scotland is a competitive market, so being the only solely Scotland-based law firm to have Lexcel accreditation makes us stand out. Having Lexcel under our belts says we are a law firm with a reputation for quality.”

Law Society of England & Wales President Lucy Scott-Moncrieff said: “Lexcel is an accreditation scheme which recognises best practice in legal business management, irrespective of where that practice is. As legal service provision becomes more global, so does Lexcel. Lexcel has reached into Canada, the Republic of Ireland, Poland and the Middle East. I see Lexcel as establishing itself as the legal quality mark for firms and in-house legal teams across the world.”

To gain and retain Lexcel accreditation, practices must undergo a rigorous initial then annual application and assessment process. This includes conducting suitability checks and an on-site assessment.

Neil Stevenson, Director of Representation and Professional Support at the Law Society of Scotland, added: “It is great to see a Scottish law firm gaining an internationally recognised standard. Quality marks bring value to the clients and the employees of law firms, and during these difficult economic times firms need to stand out with the particular strengths and benefits they offer.”

In comparison to the announcement of the Lexcel award, Tods Murray faced rumours it was about to go bust, which prompted Executive Partner David Dunsire to write letters to the newspapers denying his firm’s financial woes, reported here : Tods Murray or Bust

The firm is also widely known over the Taxi for McLetchie’ expenses scandal where the Scottish Conservative’s current Justice Spokesperson, David McLetchie was found to have falsely claimed parliamentary expenses for £11,500 worth of taxi journeys claiming he was travelling between the Scottish Parliament & the law firm’s offices even after an investigation by the media exposed the msp’s claims as a lie.

The scandal forced Mr McLetchie to ‘retire’ from Tods Murray and also resign his position as leader of the Scottish Conservatives , but is still a member of the Scottish Parliament.


Anonymous said...

An attempt to convince the public Tods Murray are good guys.

£34,000.00 for photocopying. Who is pulling whose plonker. I would trust them not.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't make it up. I just hope people read Scottish Law Reporter before going within a mile of Tods Murray.

Clearly the English Law Society have been brought on board and are no doubt returning a favour, as I recall both the Englsih and Scottish Law Socities combined forces against Solicitors From Hell, which had a predominantly English listing of legal firms.

Anonymous said...

Lenin warned that monopoly leads to domination but he was referring to the final manifestation of Capitalism.

It applies to the legal profession too as Mr McNamara has been labled vexatious and is being dominated and stripped of legal representation. Monopoly means all think the same way, price fixing etc, that is why Mr McNamara is having all this legal hell. Clients never have unbiased legal representation. All lawyers are against them.