Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lord Advocate’s lawyers Levy & McRae tried to block media reporting over Glasgow Council Chief resignation as details unravel of clinic escapade

StevenPurcell2Steven Purcell, former leader of Glasgow City Council. The recent turmoil of Glasgow City Council, which saw the resignation late last week by its leader, Steven Purcell has taken a new twist as Mr Purcell’s lawyers, Levy & McRae, now appear to be targeting the media in an attempt to prevent further reporting on Mr Purcell’s situation and the facts surrounding his resignation from Glasgow City Council, facts which only now are coming to light after furious attempts by the law firm to gag the City Council itself and news organisations investigating the affair.

NMG0505123Lord Advocate tried similar Press Complaint move over abuse story. Levy & McRae, who were hired by Mr Purcell, have apparently filed complaints with the Press Complaints Commission according to BBC News, of what they say is "harassment of a sick man". Levy & McRae are known to have used the same tactic of making complaints to the PCC in similar crisis management stories, to dissuade newspapers from further investigations into scandals affecting their clients, notably most recently performing a similar tactical complaint to the PCC on behalf of the Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, over allegations connected with the recent & continuing controversy over the arrest of journalist & broadcaster Robert Green, who had been investigating allegations of abuse made by downs syndrome girl Hollie Greig against high profile members of Scotland’s legal establishment.

During Scottish Law Reporter’s investigations into the way in which Levy & McRae censored media reporting of Hollie Greig’s claims of abuse, it came to light the law firm also had strong ties to the current Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill, who had once worked at Levy & McRae. It also came to light the law firm represented not only the Lord Advocate Ms Agniolini, but also others connected with allegations made by Ms Greig, notably a serving Sheriff, who used the law firm to obtain an interdict censoring further reporting on Ms Greig's case which contributed to the journalist Mr Green’s arrest in Aberdeen, reported earlier HERE

Mr Purcell, who is reported to have attended Borders based Castle Craig Hospital, which specialises in treatment for alcohol & drug addiction, also hired PR Company, Media House, which specialises in ‘crisis management’. Clearly the crisis is not being handled very well, as the story of what happened now appears to be unravelling, according to Scottish Television’s latest report : Steven Purcell went missing from private clinic.

(This story and its many headlines should serve as a lesson in who not to employ for legal stage management of news, however we wish Mr Purcell a speedy recovery from his current personal circumstances - Ed)

BBC News reports :

Council planned Purcell 'chemical dependency' statement

Glasgow City Council officials had been set to say that former leader Steven Purcell quit because of a "chemical dependency", it has emerged.

Mr Purcell resigned on Tuesday citing exhaustion caused by the burden of his responsibilities. The council statement was abandoned after officials agreed with Mr Purcell's lawyers that they should not mention his personal issues.

His spokesman said claims of a chemical dependency were without foundation. He added that the issue was now in the hands of Mr Purcell's legal team.

The 37-year-old is recovering after being treated at a rehabilitation clinic in the Borders at the weekend. Castle Craig Hospital describes itself as "one of Europe's top rehab clinics" and provides inpatient treatment for those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

It became apparent over the weekend that Mr Purcell would be standing down as leader of Glasgow City Council. An official announcement of his resignation was made at a meeting of the Labour group on Tuesday morning. A PR firm appointed by Mr Purcell issued a statement on Wednesday saying the former council leader was recuperating with family, and asking the media to allow him time and space to recover to full health.

It has since emerged that lawyers acting for Mr Purcell have complained to the Press Complaints Commission about what they said was "harassment of a sick man".

The former council leader's advisers said he was suffering from exhaustion and cited stress over the preparations for the Commonwealth Games and troubles at Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) among the reasons for his departure.

Proceedings to choose a new leader will begin later in the year, probably after a general election. Until then, the role will be filled by Mr Purcell's former deputy, Councillor Jim Coleman.


Anonymous said...

I would not worry too much about Steven. Jack has declared that his constitutional at Castle Craig has him feeling quite demuir. Let us not allow the press to Mcleod the issue here! There are few who have done more for the poor in Columbia and Peru than the good Councilor. Allegations that Steven is a keen fan of Amy Winehouse have been retconned, and anyone who would spread such falsehoods would be driven in a Chevy to the Levy.

notepad publishing said...

The horrible story about what THEY did to Hollie Greig

This is a true story.

As Newblaze reported February 26 2010 'Hollie Greig is a 30 year old woman who suffers from Down's Syndrome, and if her claims are true, she is the victim of one of the worst cover-ups involving pedophiles in recent years'.

And the Palestine Telegraph asks: 'Is the Hollie Greig story getting through to them at last? '

The Hollie Greig story is a true story about a child with down syndrome that has a true story to tell about rape and abuse to an extremely sensitive individual done by Satan worshipers that pose as respectable citizens in Scotland.

This story is apparently completely downplayed and censured by mainstrem media - as we learned their behavior on many, many issues in 2009 including the Swine Flu H1N1 and its easy solution, the vaccine.

Hollie Greig is a beautiful person. Research her AND her story and you will be convinced.

We at notepad publishing HOPE that her case will not be disposed of by the ELITE and that swift justice will be applied to her perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

This Purcell guy needs to lose his lawyers cause they are just making it a whole lot worse !

Anonymous said...

Peter Watson must have forced the BBC to change their story because if you go to the link of what you quoted there is now a different story.

Levy McRae now able to censor the BBC ?

Steven Purcell 'not treated for drug problem'

The former leader of Glasgow City Council, Steven Purcell, was not treated for a drug problem, according to his psychiatrist.

Lawyers acting for Mr Purcell revealed the medical assessment from Dr Florian Kaplick to BBC Scotland.

Mr Purcell spent three days at a rehabilitation clinic in the Borders which specialises in drug and alcohol addiction.

Mr Purcell resigned on Tuesday citing exhaustion and stress.

Anonymous said...

Now resigned as a councillor too,this man's political suicide was helped along by arrogant lawyers.Makes you wonder who Levy McRae were actually representing ?