Sunday, May 10, 2009

Law & Order : New evidence in Wick Harbour death may point to off duty Policeman’s involvement

Two witnesses have apparently come forward and told relatives of Kevin McLeod who died at Wick Harbour, some 12 years ago, that Kevid was in a fight with an off duty Policeman hours before being found dead.

The Sunday Mail reports :

Family of man found in harbour claim off-duty cop linked to death

May 10 2009 Marion Scott

THE FAMILY of a man found dead in a harbour claim new evidence suggests an off-duty policeman was involved.

Kevin McLeod's death 12 years ago was put down by police as an accident despite his horrific internal injuries.

Now two witnesses have told relatives the 24-year-old was in a fight with an unnamed officer before being found in Wick harbour.

His uncle Allan, 51, said: "We've always believed there was something sinister about Kevin's death. Now two independent witnesses tell us an off-duty officer was involved in a fight with him before he died."

"If an off-duty officer from Northern Constabulary was involved, it explains exactly why the case has been so badly mishandled."

Northern were criticised by another force's chief constable for "inexplicable" blunders in their 1997 inquiry. They said Kevin tripped over a bollard.

But at a 1998 fatal accident inquiry, Sheriff Ian Cameron said his injuries were "compatible with having been assaulted with great force".

Procurator Fiscal Alasdair MacDonald told the family a post-mortem found the injuries were "consistent with a kicking".

Allan said: "We believe these witnesses may hold the key to what really happened to Kevin."

A Northern Constabulary spokesman said: "As a result of correspondence from the McLeod family, we have contacted the procurator."

The Crown Office said: "Any relevant new evidence will be fully considered and any appropriate action taken."

Lib Dem MP John Thurso is fighting for justice for the family. He said: "I believe this case needs to be raised in the Scottish Parliament and I am meeting with my colleague Jamie Stone MSP to discuss this."

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