Friday, April 10, 2009

SPSA statement on Chief Executive David Mulhern’s departure

The Scottish Police Services Authority’s statement concerning the departure of their now former Chief Executive David Mulhern, after receiving a £90,000 out of court settlement … (push or shove ? - Ed)

Statement by SPSA on the departure of David Mulhern

09 April 2009

The Scottish Police Services Authority (SPSA) has today announced that its Chief Executive David Mulhern is to leave the organisation.

Mr Mulhern, who has been involved since last November in a legal dispute with SPSA over an ongoing disciplinary process, departs the organisation with a mutually agreed settlement of £90,000.

He leaves the organisation with immediate effect.

SPSA Vice Convener George Kay said:

"As staff and stakeholders have been aware, the SPSA Board has been engaged since last November in attempts to hold Chief Executive David Mulhern to account over concerns we had with his conduct and performance. Mr Mulhern in turn initiated a series of legal challenges that have delayed that disciplinary process, with a Court of Session appeal due to have begun later this month.

"While confident of our legal position being recognised in the coming weeks and months, as a Board we have been mindful of the ongoing costs to the organisation of this protracted legal process - in time, in legal fees and in the development of the organisation as an effective service provider for Scottish policing.

"What has become increasingly clear is that the relationship of trust and confidence so necessary between a Board and a Chief Executive has broken down. Without such a working relationship it is not possible to agree the right strategic direction for the organisation, nor deliver the right day-to-day leadership with staff and stakeholders to support that.

"That is why we have agreed a settlement in which Mr Mulhern leaves his post as Chief Executive with immediate effect. I believe the agreement we have reached is in the best long-term interests of SPSA, and will allow the organisation to quickly enter a new phase of development with fresh leadership at an executive level.

"This has been a difficult last few months for SPSA but we now have a resolution that will allow everyone to move forward and focus on what's important - our customers, our staff, and our performance. With our new Convener Vic Emery taking the chair of the organisation in January, the important task of recruiting a new Chief Executive truly offers us an opportunity to usher in a new era in the leadership of SPSA."

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