Wednesday, April 29, 2009

QC McBride who jumped to Tories admits he was not fee paying supporter of Labour

In a rather humorous turn of events to the grandiose weekend revelation that Paul McBride, one of Scotland’s largest legal aid earners switched sides from his life long love of the Labour Party to the Conservatives, revelations today have emerged Mr McBride was not in fact, a paid up supporter of the Labour Party he was so quick to condemn over the Damien McBride email smear-gate affair. (Dear me .. I hope he gets his facts right in court ! – Ed)

The Scotsman reports :

Party-switch QC was not paid-up Labour member

Published Date: 29 April 2009
By David Maddox

THE QC who claimed he was switching his support from Lab-our to Tories was not a fee-paying party member when he made his comments, it has emerged.

Leading Labour members have dismissed the declaration by Paul McBride, who said he was switching his lifelong support for Labour to the Conservatives because David Cameron's party was the only one serious about saving the legal system.

Labour Lothians MSP Lord George Foulkes said: "Strangely, I cannot recall ever seeing a Paul McBride at any Labour Party event over the past two decades, and neither can the many other members I have spoken to.

"To allay my suspicion, perhaps Mr McBride could confirm which constituency party he is resigning from."

Last night, Mr McBride said: "I was a member (of the Labour Party] during the 1990s and supported the party from my youth.

"I let my membership slip in terms of paying fees but attended almost all of the Scottish Labour Party fund-raising events right through the Blair era to the bitter end.

"I was a Labour supporter for more than 30 years."

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