Saturday, March 21, 2009

National Scots Police force Chief would be ‘too cosy’ with Justice Secretary

After recent calls by retiring HMIC Paddy Tomkins for Scotland’s 8 Police forces to be combined into one, the LibDems have voiced their concerns over the idea, calling the plan “mad” and alleging the Chief Constable of such a single Scots Police service would be “far too cosy” with the Justice Secretary.

The LibDems may indeed have a point on that last remark …

The Scotsman reports :

Call for review as watchdog urges single police force

Published Date: 21 March 2009
By michael howie

SENIOR police officers yesterday called for a "thorough review" of the Scottish police service after a watchdog's call for creation of a single national force.

The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents said a root-and-branch review of police structures was needed to ensure local needs are being met.

Carol Forfar, ASPS general secretary, said the body could not comment specifically on chief inspector of constabulary Paddy Tomkin's call for the eight forces to be replaced by a single entity until that review is carried out.

Mr Tomkins, who retires next month, told The Scotsman safeguards could be put in place to ensure a single police commissioner was not subject to too much political influence. He said the move was needed to streamline the police service at a time of growing financial pressure.

But yesterday the Scottish Lib Dems called the plan "mad" and said a single police commissioner for Scotland would be "far too cosy" with the justice secretary.

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