Monday, March 23, 2009

Law Society of Scotland promises reforms we have all heard before

Every year the Law Society of Scotland promises more reforms, action plans, and the like .. and this year its no different as the song remains the same, but nothing ever changes …

Talk of a new constitution, increased lay membership, and confidence & trust … we have heard it all before (we sure have – Ed)

The Journal Online’s slightly extended version of the Law Society’s winding ‘backwoods’ road to reform, is here : Society maps out its own future (sounds like last year and the year before that & that & that ! - Ed)

The Scotsman reports :

'Path set' for Law Society reform proposals

Published Date: 23 March 2009
By Christopher Mackie

THE Law Society of Scotland could get a new constitution under reform proposals announced by the organisation's governing council on Friday.

The changes, which were laid out in a ten-point action plan, also include an increase in the lay membership of the society's council, fewer council meetings, and a promotion of transparent recruitment to the body.

The society said it wanted the council to remain at its present size or grow larger as well as continuing as the ultimate decision-making body following the recent establishment of finance and nominations committees.

Law Society vice-president Ian Smart said: "The aim of today's meeting was to come away with a clear path set, common understanding of the future, and agreement on basic principles – allowing us to focus on the needs of the profession and public. I believe we have achieved that. The detail is still to be decided but we must move quickly to finalise our governance reform."

He added: "There must be confidence and trust, with council members always operating in the best interests of the society and membership and staff designing and delivering a model that council can endorse."

The society's chief executive, Lorna Jack, said: "Today's decisions enable the society to continue its modernisation so that it can, in its 60th year, meet the needs of the profession now and in the future. Clear, effective governance is expected by our members, the public and civic Scotland – that is what we can now drive forward."

Among other matters under review at Friday's council meeting in Dundee were the society's mission statement, and this and other changes will be put before the Law Society's AGM in May before being debated by the council later in the year.

The society said it hopes to have a new constitution to put before its members at the 2010 annual general meeting.

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