Friday, March 20, 2009

FOI lockdown at Legal Complaints Commission as “chancer” emailgate scandal prompts Law Society anger

Featured heavily on Peter Cherbi’s “A Diary of Injustice in Scotland law blog, the recent furore over anti-client bias at the joint taxpayer-legal profession funded Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, has mushroomed as a result of revelations that Margaret Scanlan, a board member appointed by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, sets out “personal opinions” of a highly negative (probably defamatory – Ed) nature on individuals and their claims to the Law Society of Scotland’s Guarantee Fund.

The Law Society, not too pleased the issue is drawing attention from the media and consumer groups, is reported to have given the SLCC ‘a good going over’ (is that the rubber hose treatment ? –Ed) over the email document disclosures which described claimants to the Law Society of Scotland's "Guarantee Fund" as being "Chancers". The emails from board members circulated round the law complaints body were disclosed through Freedom of Information requests.

As SLCC staff tell of arguments & an “electric atmosphere” over the ‘emailgate’ scandal at the SLCC’s HQ at the Stamp Office in Edinburgh, we will take one more look at those controversial emails, where “gibbering” & “chancers” seem to rule the day rather than protecting consumers at the SLCC, even after the commission has had £5 million pumped into it (what a waste – Ed)

SLCC can only manage chancers & gibbering for £5 million quid !

Margaret Scanlan -more  chancers & gibbering please

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