Sunday, November 25, 2007

Man who received drugs in prison from solicitor Angela Baillie also jailed

In the latest twist of events relating to the arrest, conviction, imprisonment & early release of solicitor Angela Baillie aka "Ally McDeal", who smuggled drugs into Barlinnie Prison for her client, the client himself has been jailed for accepting the drugs.

Madness to risk a legal career for committing a crime - but with standards so low in the Scots legal profession just now, its an increasing habit ...

BBC News reports :

Man jailed for lawyer drug deal

A man who collected drugs from his lawyer while on remand in Glasgow's Barlinnie Prison has been jailed for three years and nine months.

Peter McConnville, 29, admitted accepting a cigarette packet stuffed with heroin and diazepam from solicitor Angela Baillie in October 2005.

She was jailed for 32 months last year after admitting supplying the drugs.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that police knew about the deal and searched McConnville after he met with Baillie.

The 29-year-old was on remand at the time charged with shooting a Glasgow barman. He was subsequently cleared.

The court heard that McConnville and his lawyer had a consultation planned for 23 October 2005 at Barlinnie.

Cigarette packet

Alasdair Youngson, prosecuting, said police had learned that a drugs handover would take place during this visit.

McConnville, of the city's Knightswood, was searched prior to the meeting found to have nothing on him.

The pair met for 30 minutes before McConnville was again searched.

Fiscal Mr Youngson told the court: "He was told to remove his clothing and, as he removed his denims, a cigarette packet fell to the floor."

The packet was later examined and found to have been opened then taped shut.

Angela Baillie was jailed for 32 months for supplying the drugs

It contained 158 diazepam pills valued at £150. There was also a small bag inside holding £1,480 worth of heroin.

McConnville had been due to attend a High Court hearing in connection with this case last August.

He failed to show and it is believed he fled to Spain before finally being caught by police and returned to Scotland.

McConnville's lawyer said he had got involved with the drug deal due to "threats" made upon him by a "feared" prisoner in Barlinnie.

Des Finnieston, defending, said: "He succumbed to the pressures put on him - this was a real concern.

"An agreement was reached between him and the other party (Baillie) and arrangements were made to bring drugs into the jail."

Sheriff Martin Jones QC told McConnville that custody was the only appropriate sentence for such offences.

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