Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Inquiry must be held over mystery death of Swedish student

The Edinburgh News reports on the death of Annie Borgesson and latest attempts by her mother, Guje Borgesson and campaigners calling for the release of documents & CCTV footage linked to the investigation.

Edinburgh News reports :

My girl Annie was murdered


A GRIEVING Swedish woman has appealed to Scotland's top law officer to re-open the case into her daughter's death after three TV psychics concluded that she had been murdered.

Guje Borjesson has written "mother to mother" to Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini calling for the release police documents and CCTV footage. Next month, she plans to travel from her home in Tibro, Sweden, to Edinburgh in a bid to piece together more about her daughter's final weeks.

Annie Borjesson had been working at the Scottish Whisky Heritage Centre in the Royal Mile and living at Linton Court Apartments in Murieston Road in 2005. She is thought to have been making her way to Prestwick Airport for a flight home to Sweden when she died.

Her body was found on Prestwick beach on December 4. Her bag was discovered nearby with her passport inside but her address book, which she usually carried with her, was missing.

A post mortem determined she had drowned and police concluded she had either taken her own life or died as the result of an accident.

Her mother, however, is convinced that bruising on her daughter's body and other unexplained elements point to murder. Now three "psychic investigators" from a UK cable television programme have travelled to Edinburgh and Sweden to examine the case.

The three - Colin Fry, Tony Stockwell and TJ Higgs - all decided Annie was murdered.

Today, Guje, 54, said: "I'm a little sceptical about these things but Tony Stockwell in particular really gave me the impression that he did feel Annie's presence. We went to a museum where I used to work - although he didn't know that at the time - and he said he could feel that Annie had been there visiting me, he said that that was what she was telling him.

"I hope people will see the programme and start to ask about what happened to my daughter."

Annie was finally buried at a in Sweden this summer. Her family had deferred her burial to carry out their own investigations.

They have repeatedly appealed to the Scottish Crown Office for a Fatal Accident Inquiry into Annie's death.

Mr Higgs said the team had a very strong connection with Annie which led them to believe she had been murdered. "I got this sense of this girl being attacked by a person with a high-sided vehicle, like an articulated truck, I could smell the diesel. I got the feeling he had killed more than her and there's a possibility he could do it again."

A Crown Office spokesperson said: "There has been a full and thorough investigation surrounding the death of Annie Borjesson. There is no evidence that a crime has occurred. A full explanation of all of the facts and circumstances has been provided to Mrs Borjesson."

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