Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lawyer delays work for 10 years, gets a fine

Admittedly a story from south of the border, but one can only think ... poor Mr Davies ... if only he had been a member of the Law Society of Scotland !

It's a common enough complaint up here too, so don't laugh too much ...

The Times reports :

Lawyer fined for decade of delay

A solicitor who spent more than a decade delaying work on a case that should have taken only an hour to complete was fined £4,000 and ordered to pay costs of £3,304 at a disciplinary hearing yesterday.

The initial work was carried out in 1994 but the client then changed her solicitor to Mr Davies’s firm, Parkington Holiday in Denton, Manchester. Mr Davies, 54, needed to process the file so that the previous firm, Bouchers, could be paid £1,600 in legal aid, but 11 years later he still had not processed it. Mr Davies admitted charges of failing to undertake a professional obligation and failing to answer correspondence. He told the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal hearing: “It was something I was going to sort out tomorrow and tomorrow never came.”

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