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Help required in resolving the suspicious death of Annie Borgesson at Prestwick, Scotland, December 4th 2005

A case has come to light, which some of you may have seen in the media, of a suspicious and unaccountable death of a Swedish woman - Annie Borgesson, (30), at Prestwick, in Scotland, in early December 2005.

Guje Borgesson, Annie's mother, has been seeking a proper investigation into the death of her daughter - as any mother would, but in typical Scots Law fashion, hasn't got very far with all the rules & regulations - and what appears to be a general apathy on the part of the Police & Crown Office to do anything - rather hiding behind rules & exemptions than actually examine the facts of the case.

Guje Bogesson's website on her daughter's death can be seen at :

A parent deserves an explanation over the death of their child - just as I know myself, a child of a parent deserves an explanation over the death of their parent .. and I can certainly sympathise with Annie's mother over the lack of proper responses from the Procurator Fiscal in this case - and all the secrecy which is a disgrace.

We are talking about a life here, Mr Procurator Fiscal .. it may not mean much to you, just another case, but to real people, and family members - hiding behind secrecy and refusing to give explanations or accounts over whether there were proper investigations into the death .. are simply no good.

As Annie's mother has posted a summary of what happened in the case of her daughter, I will repost that here - and ask you all to please help out on this one. The girls mother deserves an explanation for what really happened, and if there is a murderer on the loose, we have to catch them and give poor Annie some justice for her extinguished life.

Please help out on this one if you can ...

The following posting on "A Diary of Injustice in Scotland" from Annie's mother - Guje Borgesson, who can be contacted at :

My name is Guje Borgesson. Living in Sweden I do not where to turn and I am now writing to you to ask for help.

What has happened is that Dec 4, 2005 my daughter Annie 30, was found dead in Scotland. At the time she lived in Edinburgh but was found dead on the shore in Prestwick, probarbly drowned, about 100 kilometers from Edinburgh.

She was found at a walking distace from the airport in Prestwick from where she always travelled home to Sweden. Annie was found dressed, except from her jacket, that was right beside her. In her bag she had her Swedish passport and two library books to return to a Swedish library. She had also made an appointment with her hairdresser in Sweden Dec.5.

Although Annie's body, bag and her jacket had different weights and density they were all found on the same spot. The ground is also very flat where she was found, the tides goes out 150 meters and you then would have to walk for several hundreds of meters to get into deep water. When the tide is in it's not more than one meter high where the wall is where Annie was found. On one of Annie's arms there were "square contused areas", but how do you get that at sea? These and other big bruisings I got to see when Annie's body got returned to Sweden. One of the them in the shape as from the edge of a hand on her right temple. This makes us believe Annie was transported to the shore, hit and drowned!

The days before she died Annie also called home and it then got obvious that she was under a threat. Due to these and several other very strange circumstances as well as Annie's personality, we her family and her friends are convinced that Annie was murdered. Yet the Scottish Police has not been investigating Annie's death as a crime, but as a suicide! And in accordiance to that, never seeld her room off, sent all the evidence material back, and never payed any attention to what I had to say about people that Annie knew, and so on.

When we got Annie back home we also got to see that her blond, waist-long very thick hair had been chopped off! Why, and by whom the Police and the Procurator Fiscal refuses to investigate!

It has now been more than a year since Annie was found dead and the investigation about her death now is closed by the Strathclyde Police. The desicion was made by Crown Council, why and by whom, we are not allowed to know and we are denied to take part of the documentation!

According to the law Freedome of Information we are not allowed to take part of the investigation because there is an exeption for deaths saying; it would not be in the interrest of the public! Well, we think there is! And it is certanly in the interrest of our family!

We have now been struggling for more than a year to get to know what happened to Annie and still know nothing. Not only have we lost a lovely daughter, sister and friend but we are also denied a proper investigation about her death!

Living in Sweden I of course know nothing about the legislation in Scotland, but is this the way the law Freedome of Information is supposed to work? Shouldn't the law serve the public, and are there any efforts beeing done on changing this law to serve the public instead of mistreating individuals?

As you can see my daugters's case is an excellent example of that! I therefore would like to ask you, what can be done to help us get access to the documentation about Annie´s case? Can anyone please help?

This letter is just a very brief summary of what has happened and if you would like to take part of some more information about Annie we now have a web-site for her, the adress is; I would of course be very pleased if you would like to write to me and I can give further information about my daughters case, e-mail; or

Thank you very much for reading this, and please help us get to know what happened to Annie. Yours sincerely, Guje Borgesson, Annie´s mother.

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